Great Designer Dog Products To Spoil Your Designer Dog

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We all like to spoil ourselves from time to time, don’t we? Buying luxury products at the end of a long and hard working week, or just because we deserve it. The same can be said about our beloved pets, can’t it? Who doesn’t love to spoil their dog with something extra special? Whether it is that extra bit of meat or that luxury blanket, all pooches enjoy a little spoiling as much as we humans do. Therefore, if you are looking for some new ideas for spoiling your designer dog with some designer, luxury products, why not consider some of the following.

Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo by Kiehl

Kiehl has been in the business of skin and body care products for a long time, since the 1890s to be precise. However, the company has expanded its target audience beyond male and female products and has produced a number of items for owners of dogs. This Cuddly Coat Grooming Shampoo is one of the latest and it’s a great way to show the number one canine in your life just how much you care. It is a special shampoo that features chamomile flower extract and it is so gentle that you can not only use it on your dog’s hair, but its skin and face too. Say goodbye to smelly dog and hello to lavender fields.

Niche Dog Bed By Châteaux De La Pooch

Special dogs need a special place to sleep and if you are sick of having to share precious space in your own sleepy paradise, you need to give your canine buddy some incentive to encourage them to sleep elsewhere. Now considering the hefty price tag, this particular bed is not going to be for everyone, but the Niche Dog Bed from Châteaux De La Pooch is worth looking at just for the sheer luxury. Handmade and very sophisticated, this works as both a dog bed fit for a king or queen and a fancy ottoman.

London Camel Coat By Snugpups

The London Camel Coat from Snugpups is a must have for all trendy dogs who like to look their best while they attend the dog park for play dates. It has a beautiful tartan colouring and comes in a wide range of sizes from Petite to 3XL. Definitely one for the fashionistas out there.

Dogpacer Treadmill

If you do not have much garden space, don’t have as much time as you’d like to walk your beloved doggy or just have a very rumbustious little canine friend; then you should consider investing in the Dogpacer Treadmill. It comes complete with fully customisable programs to meet the needs of your dog. Although we would not recommend you replacing proper exercise outside with this machine, it is a great alternative when it is too rainy to contemplate leaving the house.

Although there are some products that may be too luxury for even the most spoilt pooch out there, you at least have an idea of what is out there. Designer dogs like cockapoos love to be spoiled, regardless of how much you spend.

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