Guide to Designing Luxury Lighting Outdoors

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It’s easy to see why luxury lighting especially outdoor lighting looks amazing when done right. You can create a huge amount of different lighting styles that will drastically change the way your home looks and feels. It’s really a no brainer.

The 4 main uses for luxury outdoor lighting

  • Entrances and pathways are the first thing a guest or homeowner notices every time they walk up to a property. The elegance of a illuminated walking path at dusk is quite distinguishable. Ensure path lights are appropriately spaced out between each other. As well ensure that the styling of the path light will match the decor of the home. More on that later
  • Take advantage of existing structures or objects, straight angle beams of light will create luxurious effects. Even things such as trees….bushes….hedges…statues…gable peaks…gardens…planters all can enhanced with well placed spotlights.
  • Porch lighting is many people’s all time favorite lighting experience, from solar string lights along railings, built in wood deck ground lighting. You can enhance the evening outdoor experience tremendously with a good set of deck lights. (Installation Tip – Double check lighting angles and sitting positions in order to minimize the chance of glare.)
  • Security is always a nice freebie with enhancing your outdoor lighting, anytime you increase lighting on the outside of your home you will also increase security to you, your family and your belongings. Some security lights can both increase visual appeal and also protect against trespassers.

Complement Or Contrast?

A very first easy first step in the right direction is to ask yourself this simple question…Complement Or Contrast?

The answer is…It doesn’t matter, you can pick complement or contrast and you can create a beautiful outdoor area. The problem is when you don’t pick either. Picking an “almost” contrasted set of lights will only leave you with an awkward looking and feeling porch area.

So don’t be scared to let loose a little bit, better to go all in rather than holding back. On the other hand, by enhancing the current mood of your porch with “complement” style lighting can be an easier alternative but sometimes it won’t have such an bold effect as contrast lighting does.

3 Lighting Effects To Make Your Yard Feel Bigger

  • Up-lighting has more of an intense, focused lighting that is bright, dramatic and acute. This is a common lighting that is seen most often in properties with any kind of lighting. Place a flood light on the ground at the base of a tree facing up toward the branches, or have the lights focus up your homes front walls, columns or garden.
  • Cross-lighting is also quite common and adds a suggestive expanse to your property’s landscape. Cross-lighting is similar to up-lighting, in that the light fixture is mounted to a ground based upward position, however with cross-lighting the illumination is at an angle, where it crosses the bright beams of another light that is also affixed to the ground at the same but opposite angle. Cross-lighting is beautiful and creates a remarkable depth to your landscape that is simply picturesque.
  • Moon lighting, sometimes called down lighting, are trendy and stylish and often used in posh neighborhoods in metropolitan high end properties. Moon lighting illuminates in much the same way that the moons glow spreads across a larger, less focused area. Moon lighting is similar to candle light. Its soft, expanded effect can be attained by mounting a light in a downward facing position from either the undermost part of your roof, or even a tall tree. You’ll notice that your landscape is much brighter, but the off-white light is warm and welcoming.

LED Lighting Greatly Increases Style And Value

LED lights and halogen lights are two, if not, the most highly used outdoor lights. LED lights are becoming more popular, however, due to the sturdy build of the lights and the longevity that comes with the durability of LEDs.

LED lights have a longevity that can’t be compared with any other, lasting up to 100,000 hours.

LED lights can also withstand harsh weather like snow and rain storms with heavy winds and even some natural disasters such as earthquakes.

By Ross Spark Courtesy The Solar Advantage

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