Happy Sport – A summer in sparkling and radiant colours

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Vivid colours, joie de vivre and a vibrant personality! Because life is too short to be lived in monochrome, Chopard treats the Happy Sport to new colours. Fitted with a strap you can change yourself, in step with your moods and the changing seasons, this dynamic and tangy timepiece now comes in two 36 and 30 mm diameters, teamed with purple, bright pink and anise green straps.

It has always been incredibly alluring: Happy Sport is a true style icon that has been playing the mix & match game since 1993, freely mixing genres, steel and diamonds, the timeless and the ephemeral. Its visionary, avant-garde designer Caroline Scheufele had imagined an extremely beautiful watch that was anything but formal. Precious, yet resolutely sporty. Conventions have never been its thing! This joyful, independent, mischievous and eminently modern timepiece makes light of codes and trends.

A pluralistic watch

A heritage of simplicity and a penchant for boundless fancies: here comes the new Happy Sport. In a spirit of do-it-yourself customisation, the new version offers women the possibility of changing the strap of their watch in the comfort of their home and whenever they feel like it. Matching, mismatching, energising, soothing, dreaming: anything goes.

Coupled with a steel or two-tone rose gold and steel case in a 36 mm diameter, or 30 mm for the daintiest wrists, the rubber strap is a reminder that mixing and matching materials lies at the very heart of the playful and free-spirited Happy Sport identity. Black and white, the enduring basics, are the two strap colours supplied with the watch.

Summertime energy

As the seasons come and go, Chopard reveals new and ephemeral on-trend colours. With the arrival of sunshine naturally unleashing whole new ways of wearing jewellery and clothing, the Geneva watchmaker broadens its chromatic palette for summer, daring to offer delightfully tangy new colours: purple, anise green and bright pink. These fruity shades spring a pleasing surprise, since the loop is clad in a different colour for an even more vibrant pop. The purple strap thus comes with a touch of green, the green one with a splash of pink, and the pink one with a hint of purple.  On the back of this must-have accessory, nestling against a tanned skin, the “Be Happy” inscription reads like a mantra, a lucky charm that remains a well-kept personal secret.

In this interpretation, the famous moving diamonds – epitomising the collection and whirling between two sapphire crystals, free of any setting – perform their fascinating dance against a classic yet contemporary smooth white dial backdrop.

Embodying a perfect blend of understated charm and whimsical fancy, of impeccable elegance and a joyful vibe, the new Happy Sport watches hold the promise of making summer last the whole year through.

Courtesy Chopard

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