High-tech Carry-on Items for Luxury Air Travel

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You want to travel first class in every aspect. Whether you’re taking a short trip to the next state over or an international flight, you can travel in luxury with the following high-tech items:

Plane Necessities

Start by collecting your carry-on gadgets. A smartphone is a must. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has an edge-to-edge screen that makes it perfect for watching movies and playing games on the plane. It also has one of the best cameras on the market, so you can take plenty of selfies and pictures of your trip. If you get the Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile, you also have access to their in-flight and international plans so you can stay connected from anywhere.

Planes are loud and full of noisy passengers. Get some quality ear buds that are noise canceling so you can listen to music, watch a movie or sleep without interruptions. Forget over-the-ear or wired headphones and go with something wireless, like The Dash. They come with 4GB of internal storage and can hook up to your Bluetooth device, so you can lie back in comfort without fidgeting with wires or having to keep your head in one position.

Airport Tech

Never waste time searching for an outlet to charge your phone again. Now smart backpacks and luggage come with recharging devices built into them. For example, Trunkster luggage comes with two removable power banks, USB ports and cables to make sure your devices are charged before your flight. This smart luggage also has location tracking in case it gets lost and a rolltop door so you don’t have to mess with zippers or laying your suitcase down to get inside.

Another innovation in luggage is the bio lock. For example, Space Case 1 uses your fingerprint to unlock your suitcase. You don’t have to worry about someone going through your bag ever again. And if you’re guilty of overpacking (and who isn’t?), use the luggage’s built-in scale to make sure you’re under the airline’s weight restrictions.

Hotel Luxuries

Even though most high-end hotels come with everything you have ever dreamed of, it doesn’t hurt to bring some of your own tech. Lamps that mimic the sun’s patterns at night and in the morning have been helping people maintain healthier sleep patterns and wake up more naturally. If you depend on this when you’re at home, bring along a travel-friendly version with you on your trip. Luminette is a set of glasses that uses the same technology to help you ward off jet lag and keep your body’s natural sleep cycle. They fold up easily so you don’t have to pack an entire lamp in your suitcase. And who doesn’t want to get rid of their jet lag two times faster?

Another hotel necessity is a portable speaker. Whether you want to throw a small party in your room or just want to jam out by yourself, you need a high-tech speaker that has great audio quality. The Beats Pill has 12 hours of battery life and packs a powerful punch without taking up a lot of room in your suitcase. Control your audio from a smartphone app and enjoy a personalized touch to your hotel room.

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