Holiday Decisions: Guided Tours or A Journey of Self-Discovery?

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When it comes to planning a large excursion where the itinerary just keeps on growing, is it best to choose a guided tour where you are paying for the knowledge and experience of another individual, or should you take on the adventure of self-discovery?

In this sense, the term self-discovery does not mean spending time in a sweat lodge or painting, but rather the act of traveling unaided.

If your travels will take you through a number of countries, or even across the expanse of a continent, your preferred method will largely shape your experience and memories.

Guided Tours

Essentially, an escorted tour takes much of the stress out of a holiday. Forget the hassle of booking flights, sorting out transfers, arranging accommodation or attempting to cram all of the sites you long to see into a logical list. You can relax in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of and enjoy the fact that you will be able to visit attractions and glean information from your knowledgeable tour guide. In addition, there may be hidden gems or must-see places that you were previously unaware of and would not have seen if you had travelled solo. No matter the country or the continent, an escorted tour is a great way to get the most out of your limited time and experience everything your destination has to offer.


The main bonus of self-discovery travels are no time limits. Rather than being restricted by pre-arranged flights or choices made by the tour guide, a self-discovery holiday allows for greater freedom. Stay longer in a country that captures your heart and imagination, or book a last minute flight because you suddenly have the strongest desire to explore another destination.

Self-discovery means you can choose your accommodation and travel at your own pace. In addition, you can choose the sites that interest you. There will always be something on a guided tour that you have little desire to see, as well as something you feel is missing. Creating a well structured and coherent itinerary and exploring off your own back prevents this disappointment.

The choice between a guided tour or self-discovery is personal and dependent upon the type of experience you long for. If you are confident, outgoing and long for adventure, self-discovery may be the perfect option. But if you are apprehensive, prefer to travel in large groups and would like everything to be arranged for you, consider a guided tour.

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