Holiday Shopping For The Hard-to-Please

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Everyone knows someone who is difficult to shop for. A good book won’t cut it — they don’t read. Winter wear won’t do — they live in a warm area, where it rarely rains. Maybe a new dress — but will she actually wear it? The best gifts are the ones people will use, and while the perfect gift may seem impossible to find for this friend or relative, here are some tips so you can find them a gift they may not have thought of but will certainly appreciate.

For A Father

Everyone knows that dad, whether or not he’s your dad, who never wants anything for the holidays. He has interests, oh yes, but whenever asked he never knows what he wants. First, think about the last time he went on vacation, or simply had some time off. What did he do? For the outdoorsman, maybe a gift card to an outdoors store is in order. Pick a reputable store with locations all over the country so he’ll be able to visit a location or use his gift card online. If you know what kind of outdoor activities he likes the most, you could buy him a specific item, and if he already has the tool that fulfills that purpose, he can always return it for a full refund.

Is this dad more of a bookish type? Maybe he’d rather know the gift he’s received supported a good cause. Maybe he’d enjoy a shirt or pen from the podcast Philosophize This, which provides free educational philosophy. Not only is some Philosophize This merch a nice acknowledgement of his interests, but the knowledge about this underground podcast is the true present.

For The Angst-ridden Teen

Teens love stuff, but sometimes it seems like they’re impossible to please. What do teens enjoy these days? There aren’t many who turn their noses up at music. In fact, the music a teenager likes is often an important part of their identity. The Divoom Bluetooth Bean Speaker is a small, yet powerful speaker that you can clip on your key chain or the zipper of your backpack. Whether the teen you know takes their lunches at the skate park or on the basketball court, they’ll appreciate this little smartphone accessory.

Another smartphone accessory they may like is an external battery. A large part of a teenager’s social life takes place on their phone, so they’ll love a battery that will keep them connected with their friends, no matter where they are. Parents will also approve of this gift as the old excuse of a dead phone will be much less plausible.

For The Mom Who Has It All

For the mom who seems to have it all, what could you get her that she doesn’t already have? Well, a reason to treat herself is always appreciated. A basket full of fancy bath products will likely please her. You can also go that extra mile and get her a spa session and massage. While she may have all the material possessions she’s ever wanted, everyone needs an excuse to take care of themselves sometimes, and these gift ideas are just the ticket.

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