How Has Luxury Sportswear Remained So Popular?

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Many years ago, sportswear was associated with the gym wear and the youths of today rather than big designer brands. Now it has consistently been incorporated into everyday fashion, or fast fashion and the Instagram sensations. It initially caused a little bit of a stir, as sportswear and luxury fashion were once two separate identities, however, since then, it has seen a successful marriage. It was no longer just worn at the gym and it has been embraced by both men and women everywhere, including celebrities. It is the perfect balance of comfort and style and it has seen Versace, Louis Vuitton and Gucci refine their luxury styles. Not only has it seen major fashion forces jump onto the trend it has helped brands establish themselves in a competitive and fast fashion market.

What Defines The Style?

The style of the trend is defined by the way it brings together sportswear and luxury. It allows you to feel comfortable in your luxury wear, however, its more than just high priced sportswear items. The style can easily fall by the wayside, as you must choose specific individualistic items, rather than just a pair of joggers and sports trainers. You must craft your outfit and look for clothing that is tailored around the trend.

Tailored Luxury Sportswear

For example, grey joggers are no longer cuffed and the movement is more towards trousers. The fabrics have become more technical which means the appearance has completely changed, making them more like trousers. It’s a movement that is adjusting the boundaries of stuffy suit trousers and moving to alternative blends within your wardrobe. The tailored style doesn’t just apply to joggers, as blazers, bomber jackets and hoodies have all now become technically improved. The technical improvement means they are more lightweight, better fitted and of course equally as stylish.

Footwear Continues To Thrive Alongside The Trend

The beauty of sports luxe is that you can look smart even with a pair of sports or luxury trainers and shoes. The balance is truly down to you; however, you’ll need to find footwear that suits your style and of course your outfit. Your outfit will allow you to dictate which way you choose to finish your outfit, so it’s important to alternate and experiment. If you are struggling for footwear brands, look into Android Homme and Balenciaga for luxury trainers and Jeffery West for the stylish shoes.

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