How to Create a Beautiful and Luxurious Home Office

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People today are working from home more than ever, so many homes have a separate room that is used only as office space. However, offices are not very easy to design and decorate and you have to pay attention to many different aspects: functionality, comfort and aesthetics. So, if you also don’t know where to start with your luxe office design, here are some of the best and most beautiful ideas you can try.

Opt for a bold color

There’s nothing beautiful or luxe about boring office beige or gray! In order to achieve timelessness and elegance, you need a color that is bold and inspirational. Some people love the darker feel of Blue Note or Blue Echo by Benjamin Moore while others prefer more vibrant tones of Paper Lantern or Georgia Peach. But, whatever you do, don’t settle on classic beige, gray or white.

Say goodbye to clutter

It doesn’t matter whether your home office has all the designer furniture and top-shelf equipment when you have clutter all over the place. It can ruin even the most luxurious of spaces, so make sure to keep your office nice and tidy. Make sure not to hoard things and have a place for every item that comes into the space.

Splurge on the desk

Your desk should be the star of the show, so make sure it attracts the right kind of attention. After you find the right desk, you’ll not need too many accessories and details to make your home office look like a million bucks! Some say that the best way to pick a home office desk is to find the biggest one that fits into the space.

Boost lighting

Usually, the existing overhead lights are not enough to give you a good layered lighting. Instead, opt for one or two stylish lamps that will help you achieve a luxe yet professional atmosphere. The best way to mix functionality and aesthetics is to get one task lamp for close-up work and one ambient lamp for a more balanced look.

Concentrate on comfort

One of the most important points when designing a luxe home office is comfort. So, make sure to create a space that makes you feel relaxed and cozy. Aside from a comfy chair, you also might want to get a sofa or a soft armchair for your space. These will allow you to stretch and take a break from your work and just relax and recuperate for a few minutes. If you’re not seeing clients in your home office, you can also get a soft and rich rug under your feet.

Invest in elegant accessories

A true luxurious office often contains a lot of details that are usually overlooked, so make sure to pay close attention to accessories and decoration. For instance, proper, metal desk trays instead of their cheap plastic counterparts will make your office look top shelf and a quill and ink set will add a touch of sophistication and professionalism. Instead of a plastic planter, opt for an elegant jasperware pot from Wedgwood that is handmade and unique. Such a stylish pot can serve both as a home to your plant and a luxe decor element. Some other luxe accessories like a decorative tea set, stylish vase and even a designer picture frame can also do wonders for your office interior. Of course, your accessories should depend on the type of office, but if you opt for quality décor, handmade items and items made with rich materials, they will certainly give your space an air of high class.

Find original art

For hundreds of years, art was a way to show one’s uniqueness, taste and convey a certain message. So, don’t forget to introduce a few pieces into your office for a luxe and well-thought-out look. Yes, replicas of famous paintings are fine, but investing in original art is always much better. Visit your local art gallery and find a piece that fits your space and your taste (don’t buy a painting that was critiqued favorably, but you absolutely hate). And who knows, maybe in a couple of years, you end up with a true gem on your hands.

Add a drink cart

If you want to create a bar that has a 1960s Manhattan vibe, you need a bar cart. You can find a decent model for around $200 and they come in all styles, from simple industrial ones to intricate gilded models that will attract a lot of attention. Equip your bar with some whisky, gin, vodka and tequila, any sort of bitter and a cocktail shaker and you’re set! It’s a perfect excuse to have a little drink after work or have a more intimate talk with your clients. Even if never plant to use it, its vibe will lift up the style of your office in the blink of an eye.

After you introduce these elements into your space, you’ll have a home office fit for a Fortune 500 CEO. Just remember to take regular breaks and work responsibly.

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