How to feel like a VIP at a top boxing match

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Few of us have ever had the chance to attend a boxing match like a VIP and only have a vague idea of what this involves. News footage of press conferences and weigh-ins are the closest we’ve ever got to the celebrity action and paparazzi mayhem.

However, this exciting sport is best experienced from close up and even better if you can enjoy the luxury of being treated like a VIP while you watch. So how do you get to access a top boxing match as a VIP?

Pick the right event

Not all boxing matches offer the same opportunity to be treated like a VIP, so it’s important that you pick one with some prestige. There is little chance anyone would feel like a part of the elite crowd at a college bout. Select a good boxing event at a great location that will attract a premium quality crowd.

The unofficial world capital of boxing, Las Vegas, hosts many big bouts with the MGM Grand being the venue of most. Other great venues include Boardwalk Hall (Atlantic City), the Thomas and Mack Centre (Las Vegas) and, of course, New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Get up close

To feel like a VIP at a top boxing match, you will want to be as close to the action as possible. And nothing says premium more than ringside seats. Big events will have reserved seating for promoters and celebrities, and a boxer’s entourage, however, seats are also made available to exclusive partners such as local concierge services.

Get exclusive access

It’s no longer just the fight itself that constitutes the experience of a boxing match but the whole circus that goes on around the contenders. From weigh-ins and media workouts to press conferences and pre-fight face-offs, the whole process is one big stage to set the scene for the main event.

Not only does being a part of this exclusive lead up get you more involved with the action, but you also get to be a part of a select group of people who witness it. You can guarantee that with the amount of media drawn to these events that any celebrities within a 100-mile radius will want a part of the attention.

Arrive and stay in style

It’s not only the bout itself that should make you feel a million dollars but the whole experience, from start to finish. If you are traveling to a match then make sure you arrive in style by booking a chauffeured car.

Make the whole experience an evening to remember and include dinner and drinks before your arrival.

With a lot of feature boxing matches taking place in Las Vegas, why not indulge in a luxurious stay at Caesar’s Palace. The Palace Tower has recently undergone a $100 million renovation that includes some opulent upgrades to the existing 1,181 hotel rooms and an additional ten premium suites.

Get ahead by getting behind a boxer

Nothing makes a sport more exciting than having an invested interest in the result. One sure fire way to inject some interest (of a financial variety) is to lay a wager on the outcome of the bout you are watching, offers great coverage of most major boxing matches with competitive odds, and with a progressive web app keeping the odds refreshed, you can place a bet right up to the first bell. That is a convenient way to lay a wager and makes watching the event far more engaging.

Meet the fighters

Often organized before the fight, the opportunity to meet the boxers themselves can offer the chance to mingle with other VIPs. Meetings of this kind often allow guests to have their photographs taken with the boxers and perhaps come away with an autograph.

The gloves come off

Some organizers go one better when it comes to the added extras around a boxing bout and will not only arrange a meet and greet with the fighters but something as unique as a one-on-one sparring session. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea to go face to face with a professional boxer, but it does have the edge on getting just an autograph.

Dress the part

Lastly, feeling like a VIP is always about the wardrobe and big fight nights offer a great chance to break out some formal wear. That is a given if you are going to be seated in the first five rows but less so if you are situated in ‘the gods.’

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