How to Make an Extravagant Exterior

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Even though we’ve all been repeatedly told not to judge a book by its cover, when it comes to your house, you really don’t want it to be beautiful only from inside, except you are a comic relief hermit character in a blockbuster movie. Knowing that most of us aren’t – there are some things you can do to refresh the looks of your house and brighten up its exterior.

It may seem like sprucing up your home’s exterior might be extremely expensive or complicated, and you may think that only a team of experts may help you, but there are some amazing simple solutions you can apply in order to make your exterior stand out in a positive way. We’ve collected some of the best tips that will help you rethink and redo your house exterior in a very stylish and fun way

Refresh Your Deck

Old wooden decks tend to give a sad and gray look when they are not properly maintained. Your entire exterior can suffer and seem unkempt if the deck looks old and worn. Luckily, most of the decks are made out of wood that can stand out to various harsh environments. This means that you can refresh it in a few days. The first step is to thoroughly wash all the wood and to do it with proper wood cleaning products. Prepare the wood, after it dries out, and you can repaint it, or just add another layer of finish to complete it. After just a day or two, depending on the materials you’ve used and your climate, you will have a brand new deck, which emphasizes the exterior of your house perfectly.

Redo Front Doors

Adding a new door or repainting the old one can make an amazing difference for the general looks of your house exterior. Pick the right color, and see which would match the porch, and yet stand alone for itself. There are various materials that can be used to this extent, and the only limitations are your budget and your own imagination.

Make a Path

Adding a walkway from a driveway to the front door creates completely different front yard dynamics. Designing a path can be a fun and quite stylish intervention, as there are various great materials that can be used for these purposes. Making the path go in a certain shape improves visual effect of it, and decorating it with some flowers and specific blocks or stones can be a really fun activity for the entire family. Involve them in the project and in just a few days, your front yard may completely redefine the way your house looks.

Install Windows Shutters and New Hardware

Another great way to boost up the appeal of your house’ exterior is to add some window shutters. Shutters can really emphasize the windows and the fine work on your home’s walls, and they give out the feeling of coziness and warmth. There are tons of different shutter types and almost the same number of different materials used for them. From extremely cheap solutions to very expensive woodwork – you need to choose which style and price suit your house the best.

Also, keep in mind that old hardware like doorknobs, handrails, door lights and similar have a tendency to get worn out. Old and shaky knobs and knockers give out the feeling of negligence. You can search online for incredibly nice hardware solutions and you would be amazed what you can find. There are even some great internet communities that help each other improve their exteriors with great tips and tricks of the trade.

Take Care of Your Garden

The unkempt garden means your house will look bad, no matter how well the house itself is done. Make sure your lawn is mowed regularly, as grass and various weeds can become quite a nuisance once they take hold of your garden.

Choose the right type of the plants you want in your garden, and don’t go just for those that look appealing – check the maintenance process for those plants, in order to get the best out of them. Make sure your garden is well stocked with all the necessary equipment. For better watering try implementing retractable watering hose reels, in order to reach the entire garden, and make sure your garden drains water as it should. Think about having an organic garden, but keep in mind that something like that asks for more time involvement.

Set the Lighting and the Mood

Great way to really emphasize your exterior is to set the proper lighting and the mood for it. With countless choices for different lighting solutions like LED torches, solar lamps or small wireless lamps, you can make your garden look like it has come out of a fairy tale, or like it’s a part of a sci-fi space opera, the choice is yours, limited only by your imagination.

Wrap up

These tips are just general guidelines that aim to show you how redoing and refreshing your exterior doesn’t have to be a nightmarish task. Plan your budget, and think about what you want to achieve, and hopefully, with these tips, you will make your home stand out in no time.

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