How to Prepare Your Car for an Australian Road Trip

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Going on a road trip is probably the most exciting thing you can do, and all you need for that is a week off from work, a great companion and a trusting vehicle. Of course, you can spend hours and hours making an amazing road trip music compilation and planning your route, but, to be honest, it’s the car that needs the most work before you embark on your journey, especially if you plan on visiting some of the most wonderful places in Australia. Depending on its age and condition, your car might need a lot of work or, alternatively, just a few touch-ups, yet it still something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. So, if you’re going on a road trip through Australia, here’s what you need to do.

Check the A/C

Let’s face it – Australia is amazing and full of breathtaking sights, but it can sometimes be hotter than hell, particularly on an open road! The weather conditions are something you need to think about while planning your trip and checking whether your A/C is working properly is of the utmost importance. This is even more important if you’re driving an older car that might need some serious adjustments. Luckily, a professional mechanic can easily diagnose the air conditioning system in just a couple of minutes, so pay these experts a visit a week or two before going on a road trip. In case there’s something wrong, they can fix the issues and save you from spending hours and hours under the hot Sun with a broken A/C.

Visit a professional

An issue that might frighten everyone planning a road trip around Australia is the distance between two places where you can get professional help from mechanics who know what they’re doing and how to get your car back on the road. This is why you might want to take your vehicle for a complete check-up to someone you trust and who you’ve known for quite some time. This way, you’ll be certain you’re safe and sound from the moment you start driving until the day you return from your road trip. That’s why lots of Australians are looking into a reliable mobile mechanic in Gold Coast who can assure you everything is up to the highest standards and calm you down if you have any worries about your car.

Emergency maintenance tools

No matter how experienced a driver you are, you should always keep a few emergency must-haves in your trunk, just in case something unexpected occurs in the middle of the road. While some of the things might require you to cut your road trip short and head back home, you can take care of other issues on your own, as long as you have proper maintenance tools. These include, among other things, a windscreen washer, a few cloths, a big bottle of oil and a toolkit – some screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and pliers can always come in handy, especially if you’re stuck in the middle of an Australian bush!

Get enough fuel

Another problem with the aforementioned vastness of Australia and the distance between point A and point B concerns the fuel – are you going to have enough of it to last you until the next station? Starting your trip with a full tank is a must, but re-fueling as often as you can and trying to save some fuel while driving is always a good idea. Whenever you see a filling station, stop and refuel, even if your tank is far from empty, because you can never know when you’ll get a chance to do that again. Driving to remote areas means you’ll have to plan ahead, so use Google Maps to locate all filling stations on your route.

Some of the other things you should do before starting a road trip through Australia is checking your tires – keep in mind that this could actually save your life in potentially dangerous situations! – as well as getting a new battery, making sure the lights are working and updating your first aid kit. After you’ve taken care of all of these things, you can safely embark on a journey of a lifetime and enjoy every moment of it!

By Peter Minkoff Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media


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