Improving your Internet Capabilities in a Large House

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When your internet has problems in your luxurious home, it can be frustrating. Browsing websites can slow down to crawling speeds, you can’t stream video and audio, Wi-Fi signals go flat and you may even be in a wireless dead zone for all you know. The internet is a basic human right at this point. That is why you need to improve your home’s internet capabilities to the maximum extent possible. What is the point of owning a luxurious home if your internet is primitive? You cannot possibly enjoy life. Distance is one of the leading problems of poor internet in homes. Wi-Fi routers have a range in which they provide optimal signal. Outside of that range service can become poor. If your home network has to cover a massive area because your home is large, you may suffer problems.


If your home has many corners to go around, it can be an added source of strain on your home network. This means that the signal has to bounce around on many walls to reach your devices. Having too many other devices such as phone systems and wi-fi enabled devices can cause signal interference. Be mindful of this potential interference when you are purchasing a new phone system for your home.


You may even have neighbors borrowing your internet. Check your router’s administrator settings. It will show you if any unrecognizable devices are accessing your home connection. A network analyzer device can give you this information too. That is why security is important for guarding your luxurious homes Wi-Fi. Make sure to use WPA2 security because WEP isn’t very strong.


Use Current Wi-Fi Technology

It’s important to have the most up to date router hardware for getting the best internet in your home. Every few years the industry creates new standards that make even higher speeds possible. The essential thing to know is that Wireless G, B and A are slow standards. If you purchase an old router used on the cheap, you will suffer because of it. Wireless N is the fastest thing on the market currently, and you should implement it in your home. It will provide a more stable connection in addition to faster downloads.


Place Your Router


You need to place your router in the best possible spot for coverage. Your router may be ugly which tempts you to hide it, but placing the router behind the couch impacts the strength of the signal. It should be placed in an open space where it is not obstructed by any objects. It is also best for it to be located centrally within your home. This will allow the signal to reach as many places as possible.


Use The Correct Wireless Channel

Your neighbors Wi-Fi will emit wireless signal. This can interfere with your own internet. You can avoid interference caused by your neighbors internet by adjusting the channel your Wi-FI router broadcasts on. You might benefit from broadcasting with a BusinessCom KA Band. A Wi-Fi analyzer tells you what channels your neighbors are using to broadcast.


Stop Bandwidth Hogging Apps

If a family member streams video in high-definition, it may cause a slow down for everyone else. Ask your family members if they are using Netflix, online games, torrents or other bandwidth hogging apps. You can monitor bandwidth usage with a Quality of Service settings located in your router. You can give priority to the applications that you feel are the most important.


Boost Wi-Fi Signal Range

You can extend the range of your router further by using a few tricks. A simple beer can will get you started. Just peel the beer can and place it atop the antenna. This will amplify the signal. These tips are assured to improve the strength of the internet signal in your luxurious home. You will be enjoying optimum speeds in no time.


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