PlaneClear targets high-net-worth consumers via concierge partnership

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PlaneClear targets high-net-worth consumers via concierge partnershipPrivate aviation provider PlaneClear is adding concierge services to its repertoire under a mutually-exclusive partnership with Carefree Lifestyle that could streamline flight and service bookings.

PlaneClear is looking to boost is reputation in the industry by offering its business and leisure travelers Carefree Lifestyle’s services that include chauffeurs, car rents and yacht charters. In return, the concierge company’s clients will have access to PlaneClear’s on-demand charter services, which will give the flight brand exposure among high-net-worth consumers.

PlaneClear targets high-net-worth consumers via concierge partnership

“Based on PlaneClear and Carefree Lifestyle’s client commitment and unique expertise in celebrating the art of living and providing access to the finest travel options and experiences, establishing an alliance was an organic move that helps both companies deliver a diverse range of services,” said James Chitty CEO of PlaneClear, New York.

“The benefits that PlaneClear extends clients are direct access, flexibility and reliability,” he said. “Aligning with Carefree Lifestyles underlines these commitments and ensures that we continue to deliver these benefits beyond the time spent in-flight.”

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PlaneClear will now offer Carefree Lifestyle’s services that include chauffeured travel options, luxury car rentals, high-end property rentals, private yacht charters, personal security and professional chef arrangements.

The lifestyle services complement the services provided by PlaneClear by allowing it to give consumers a complete travel experience, per the company.

Also, Carefree Lifestyle’s clients are able to book PlaneClear’s on-demandPlaneClear targets high-net-worth consumers via concierge partnership charter services that are tailored to each trip. There are no long-term contracts required for this service.

One reason that Carefree Lifestyle chose to partner with PlaneClear is that the flight provider is transparent in its business practices, per the concierge company.

Both companies are looking to reach affluent consumers across the United States with this partnership.

PlaneClear is reaching out to its consumer base via its newsletter.

“There are at least three key elements of the strategy for this partnership,” said Ron Kurtz, president of American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta, GA. “First, each company will receive preferential exposure to the clients of the other company.

“Second, both companies are targeting and serving clients that presumably have similar profiles in terms of wealth and spending patterns and are thus good prospects for each partner,” he said.

“Third, the partnership gives each company a more complete and inclusive service to offer its clients.”

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Private aviation providers are not stopping at just giving top-notch flight service.

Rather, these brands are looking to distinguish themselves – a challenge among the wealthiest consumers in the market – through third-party partnerships.

Previously, PlaneClear partnered with high-end travel company In The Know Experiences to offer consumers a package for the 2012 London Olympics.

The package included flights in a private jet, airport transfer in a Mercedes S Class, a five-night hotel say at the new Belgraves hotel and the choice of two Olympic ticket packages (see story).

It can be said that two luxury brand names are better than one, but private aviation providers should be sure that partner brands align with the image they wish to portray to current flyers.

A few other private jet providers have tried partnerships.

For example, Flexjet partnered with Abercrombie & Kent’s equity-based PlaneClear targets high-net-worth consumers via concierge partnershipdestination club to give its jet owners an exclusive offer of seven complimentary nights (see story).

In addition, Magellan Jets partnered with Four Seasons Resort Nevis to market a Caribbean flight and hotel package corresponded with Nevis island’s Culturama festival (see story).

Also, XOJet partnered with Jazz Aspen Snowmass to offer its private-air concierge access service, likely in an attempt to increase visibility in a younger market (see story).

“The exclusive nature of the partnership gives each company an incentive for sharing customer lists and confidence that a competitor will not dilute the effectiveness of the relationship,” Mr. Kurtz said.

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