Indulge Yourself In Luxury: Create The Ultimate Rooftop Terrace

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Setting up the rooftop terrace can be a very challenging project, but the final product will surely be more valuable than the cost of making. Your rooftop can be converted into a playhouse for children, indoor garden, and of course, it can be a beautiful addition to your existing living space. You can call your friends and family over and have enjoyable and pleasant evenings. After the hard working day, your terrace can be your sanctuary, where you can meditate and relax. Don’t hesitate and get yourself a functional rooftop terrace.

Inspect your roof

Before you sit down at designer’s table, you should address a few questions first. You’ll need to hire a professional to assess what is the capacity of the roof, weightwise. You want to know that for security reasons, in order to avoid overloading the rooftop surface.

Another issue may be the zoning code of your neighborhood. Make sure to add height of your terrace to the garage height in order to see if you’re not pushing through limits which are set by law. You may bypass this issue by connecting the garage to the house with a breezeway. That way, your new object will be considered as a part of the main building.

Get up and look around

Climb safely on the top of your garage and try to picture your terrace. Decide where should you put walls and where should you leave some openings. You should also think about planting some herbs up there, so imagine where will those be placed. Consider sides of the world in order to provide them as much sun as they need.

Plants, people or both

green balcony
Green balcony

Now is a good time to make a decision if your terrace will be used solely for the cultivation of plants, or will it be a place to sit down with your loved ones. Of course, you can make it work in both directions. Just make sure to plan ahead everything considering the life of the plants. They should be provided with fertile soil, they’ll need a lot of the sun, and watering system. Don’t forget to provide them with some heating during the cold, sunless days.

Start designing

Once you’ve planned and secured the area, you may start with contracting. Make sure to be very precise about your wishes and professionals will do their part of the job in no time. You’ll probably need a few pieces of upholstered furniture in order to soften the design of your rooftop terrace. The experts from ASAP Roof Painting Sydney recommend installing a roof above your terrace. That way, you and your guests will be protected from sudden change of weather.

Another great addition, which will raise comfort, is a fireplace. Your fireplace will be multifunctional since it can be used both for heating and cooking. Make sure to choose safe and nature-friendly floor materials. A good floor is as important as the roof. Go ahead and do a solid research on different types of floors before you stick to your favorite one.


Think of your rooftop terrace as the part of your house. Make sure to follow the same exterior style. By blending it in, it will look as it was there all the time. There are few more issues to address considering the design and functionality. You should avoid leaving your guests alone for a long time. You’ll bypass that by putting the outdoor kitchen near to the sitting area.

Keeping everything simple will ease up your engagement in maintenance and will save you some money. Therefore, don’t overdo your terrace. Put just a couple of plants and few pieces of large furniture. Keep it minimalistic because you’ll be using it occasionally. Simple is better since you’ll be able to avoid cluttering of your special area. Its primary function should remain the same: the place where you go to enjoy.

luxurious rooftop terrace

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve managed to plan, organize and materialize everything you had in mind considering rooftop terrace construction. You can finally get up there, sit in your favorite chair, open a can of your favorite beverage, and start unwinding. This simple addition to your home will serve you for years, and will most certainly become the most cherished relaxing area for your loved ones.

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