Interior Design Trends That are Making a Comeback in 2018

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Much like the fashion industry, interior design trends tend to be cyclic and we can see new and improved variations of past trends in modern interior design. 2018 is bringing back some of the greatest trends from the previous decades and making them work in a modern day surrounding.

Bold furniture

As we could see, minimalism and Scandinavian designs were quite dominant in the previous years, with their soft colour palette and straight lines. This is all about to change in 2018. The 60’s are knocking at the door. Big bold pieces, like stunning armchairs and sofas are bound to become the new centerpieces of your living room design. And when it comes to color pallete we can expect to see shades of yellow, deep blue and even vibrant green. It is safe to say that the clean white and gray look has gone out of the window.

Vintage accessories

While in the past we went for the entire vintage look, especially in our kitchen. Most modern kitchen looked like the came straight from the 40’s. The twist 2018 brought is a modern look with just a few vintage accessories. This means you can get quality and energy saving Frigidaire appliances and just add some antique knobs and sink fixtures. You will get all the commodities of the 21st century food preparation and cleaning but with a bit of vintage feel. And the best thing is that updating your kitchen to be in accordance with the 2018 trends won’t cost you as much, since it is all about the right accessories.  

Eye-catching backsplashes

The focus is still on the kitchen design, and simplistic monochromatic tiles are the thing of the past. Now it is all about fun backsplashes with interesting patterns and bold colors. They actually act as focal points in modern kitchen design and serve as the inspiration for the entire room decor. So don’t be afraid to experiment, you can choose anything from vintage turn-of- the previous century bathroom tiles to 70’s inspired designs. Whatever inspires you the most.

Wooden floors

Dark wooden floors are definitely making a huge comeback in 2018. We can go so far as to say that black wooden flooring is the design you want to go for. This might seem as a substantial design risk but it actually opens a lot of options for the entire room. From creating a contrast with white and gray furniture to including some stunning metallic details. Another thing that makes choosing dark floor such a great style trend for 2018 is that they allow for quite eclectic design ideas to shine through. Think of them as a stage upon which you get to present your art.

It is all about the emotions

In previous years we have seen a lot of design ideas that were there to make us feel a certain way. Now we are going back to basics in interior design and creating spaces based on what we want to feel. So if we want to feel serene and relaxed in our bathroom the decor should reflect that. A spa-like space with a freestanding bath, light wooden details and a lot of light, so that you really feel like you have entered a luxurious spa. On the other hand if you are in a business mood and it is all about practicality a stunning walk in shower and a lot of storage space might be exactly what your bathroom should include.

Floral patterns and broom closets

Yes, 50’s are making a grand entrance in 2018. Flowers, flowers everywhere from the pillows to the sofas and curtains, big and bright floral patterns are bound to dominate the interior design this year. And yes, you might also see them on the wallpapers and dining room chairs. The key is moderation, so introduce this trend through one or two key pieces and make sure your living space doesn’t drown in flowers. And as for the broom closet, it is all about smart space usage and so every narrow space in your home is finally getting repurposed, a broom closet here a wardrobe there, in 2018 you should be making the most out of your home.

Choosing some of these great comeback trends is definitely going to make your interior design stand out this year. Of course moderation is always advisable as you should try and adapt the styles so that they fit your personality and your home. Finally, make sure you have some fun with the whole decor since in a year or so we shall be revamping some great old trends and adjusting them to the modern decor and lifestyle.

By Tracey Clayton Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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