International Luxury Travel Tech You Can’t Live Without

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Almost 80 percent of Americans have not been abroad in at least a year, according to a survey by travel industry intelligence and marketing platform Skift. But instead of staying homebound on your next holiday, head overseas for a much-deserved vacation. To make the process easier, invest in some of the latest must-have international travel technology to get the most out of your next vacation.

Keychain Projector

Pick up a Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector and tuck it in your pocket or purse while on the go. Head out for a day of filming and take in the local attractions. Then, project your travel videos in DVD-quality resolution by plugging it into your smartphone. The built-in speakers bring your videos and presentations to life. Just plug it into a Blu-ray player to watch a movie on the road or show your international colleagues a presentation.

Satellite Phone

Smartphones aren’t always reliable when traveling internationally. Or your carrier may tack on sky-high fees for poor call quality. A satellite phone can help travelers stay connected even when on a remote hike through the Himalayas or while on an international cruise. Iridium satellite phones are durable and come without annual contracts and with low airtime rates. Service even extends to the far corners of the Earth like the North and South Pole and still maintains call quality three times greater than their competition.

Smart Wallet

Leave your credit cards at home and keep everything digitally stored in your smart wallet instead. The Wocket Wallet comes with a card that can store cards from Visa to Mastercard as well as with loyalty reward cards and gym membership IDs. Before you swipe your card at a retailer, choose which card you want it to use. The Wocket Wallet can seamlessly change from an American Express card to your debit card without difficulty.

Smartphone Charging Case

Don’t waste time waiting around for your smartphone to charge on your next vacation. Purchase a case with a built-in battery connecting to your phone and keep it charged up while protecting it from scratches and wear and tear. The Mophie for Samsung’s case can potentially extend a smartphone’s life another 80 percent once it’s drained, according to Consumer Reports. That leaves more time to see the sights while recording video, texting and making calls. It’s especially useful for adventurers who want to get off the beaten path. Take your smartphone into the rain forests of Costa Rica and capture video of wildlife to share with your friends and family.

Tech Shirt

Wearable tech takes on a whole new meaning with Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Shirt. Instead of manually adding fitness data to an app, the tech shirt does it all for you. It’s capable of streaming data to a smartphone or tablet app to tell you your heart rate and measure your breathing data. Ideal for fitness fanatics and hikers, this smart shirt can tell you how many calories you burn with every step. The shirt works by weaving bio-sensing silver fibers into the shirt’s core to keep track of your every move.

Language Translator

Show confidence when speaking to locals on your next international vacation. The Franklin 12-language Global Translator lets travelers smoothly switch from Polish to Korean and 10 other languages with ease. Knowing you can ask for directions, get help or inquire about transportation in several languages makes heading to remote and rural areas easier. Choose from 12,000 phrases and 450,000 words to clearly communicate with your new friends.

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