Is product placement the ultimate marketing tool for luxury products? INFOGRAPHIC

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The cold weather has directly increased the binge watching and recently the girls and I sat through season 6 of Modern Family. This is show that is known for 2 things: bringing Ed O’Neil back to the small screen and product placements. One episode was filmed entirely with Apple’s Face Time app and had numerous Facebook screen grabs. Now that’s what I call prime-time exposure. You can’t even fast forward the commercial if you wanted too!

Product placement is just as important on the big screen as it is on the small screen. In fact, luxury brands pay huge premiums to be used in movies, that is, when no brand is called for the in the story. Some fictional characters like James Bond have an affinity for Aston Martin cars and Omega wristwatches. But don’t blame him for being fussy, he’s just written that way.


Our friends at came up with this entertaining Infographic just in time for the actual Academy Awards. If you wear a tin hat and think life is just one long commercial, this image will confirm your fears with Oscars awarded to actual products placed, screen time and total marketing impact. Enjoy, but not for too long, something has to be sold to you….


By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media /

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