It’s not just the watch: Men’s jewellery gets an elite boost

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“There’s more to a man than just his watch” Josef Reisz CEO of UDOZZO

Luxury men’s fashion and menswear continues to power ahead as more style conscious millennials continue to soul search through personal style. Demand has driven luxury labels to increase their male offerings and some have even set up boutiques in luxury capitals that cater exclusively to men.

While brands release more options for outerwear, athletic wear and formal styles, one area of the market that remains without premium offerings is men’s jewelry. Sure, a nice thick sparkly DeWitt on the wrist makes a statement but as my good friend Josef Reisz puts it: “There’s more to a man than just his watch”.

Moving beyond the wrist, European luxury brand UDOZZO creates stunning and unique luxury jewelry exclusively for men. Guys who want to make a statement of presence in any situation can wear these pieces with ultimate pride knowing that decades of design and craftsmanship are behind each handmade piece.

Men can now extend their personal style beyond clothes and watches that sets them apart from the crowd.

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The soul is the essence of every human being. And the jewellery you wear reflects your soul. It is time to find your soulmate

The family-owned brand UDOZZO, with family roots from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia and Hungary, is passionate about creating unique pieces of fine jewellery that inspires its new owner.

UDOZZO embraces the vision of not only ladies are supposed to wear high jewellery, but also todayʼs gentlemen.

Focusing on exceptional pieces of high jewellery for men, UDOZZO has received tremendous feedback from its customers over the years. It has become known for its meticulous craftsmanship and uncompromising designs.

“Thereʼs more to a man than just his watch“, says Josef Reisz, CEO of UDOZZO. “Todayʼs gentlemen like to express their soul, masculinity and attitude with the jewellery they wear. Our customers donʼt settle for just cufflinks. They proudly wear statement or seal rings, diamond bracelets and jaw-dropping necklaces.“ Josef Reisz continues.

The brand regularly hosts private events and viewings in London, inviting like-minded guests who appreciate the sparkling things in life.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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