Jaguar invites soccer star, consumers to test new model in Arctic

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Jaguar-F-PACE-on-ice-185-e1455298298482British automaker Jaguar Land Rover is leveraging celebrity and adventure to promote its new Jaguar F-Pace model.

The brand called on soccer manager and former player José Mourinho to test the new vehicle and has released a short film showing him drifting and speeding across a frozen lake in Arjeplog, Sweden. Automakers are increasingly aligning their vehicles with a lifestyle by providing branded adventures and convincing consumers via hands-on testing, but the inclusion of a celebrity will extend that message’s reach.

The experience was magnificent,” said José Mourinho. “For people in my world, I think a few days in a place like this is magnificent.

“The flying lap with [professional driver Tommi Karrinaho] sent my adrenaline soaring,” he said. “It’s something I’ve only ever experienced before when I have walked out in front of 80,000 football fans.”

Best show on ice
The automaker has long tested its vehicles in the bitter colds of Sweden’s northernmost provinces, where temperatures dip as low as -30˚C, or -22˚F. The performance-driven brand makes a point to emphasize its vehicles’ ability to perform in all conditions, making the areas near the Arctic Circle ideal testing grounds (see story).

Arjeplog, Sweden
Arjeplog, Sweden

Mr. Mourinho already owns a Jaguar F-Type Coupé and has placed an order on the new F-Pace, making him an authentic spokesperson and ambassador for the model. The closeness that social media creates between fans and celebrities makes them more powerful ambassadors than ever but also opens them up to scrutiny regarding authenticity.

Jaguar F-Pace and José Mourinho
Jaguar F-Pace and José Mourinho

Those interested in a high-performance vehicle capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and road conditions will likely have an interest in outdoor activities, making an athlete a particularly effective face. To fully capitalize on the association, Jaguar is opening up the ice driving challenge to all consumers.

To promote the offer, Jaguar has released a short film depicting Mr. Mourinho’s experience.

After establishing shots of the terrain, Mr. Mourinho and Mr. Karrinaho enter the car. Mr. Mourinho jokes that unlike in soccer, where everyone thinks they know more than the manager, he made sure to listen so he could properly learn about handling the vehicle in extreme conditions.

“The Frozen One | Jose Mourinho drives the new Jaguar F-Pace on ice”

Consumers will be able to join the brand in Arjeplog in 2017, where they will be able to choose from the full range of Jaguar models for their own professionally guided ice drive. The experience will both show off the capabilities of the brand’s fleet and also foster stronger ties with consumers because of its experiential nature, creating loyal fans in the process.

Out for a drive
Jaguar is not the only automotive brand offering ice driving to consumers.

Italian automaker Maserati is demonstrating the snow-friendly properties of its Q4 all-wheel drive system with a limited engagement in Aspen, CO.

From Feb. 11- 20, consumers are able to test-drive the brand’s all-wheel drive sedans, the Quattroporte and the Ghibli, in the mountainous ski town from a number of local resorts. While automakers may tout their vehicles’ handling in snowy conditions, nothing is as convincing for a potential customer as experiencing a feature in action (see story).

Likewise, while Jaguar is incorporating unique opportunities into its brand identity through ice-driving and travel experiences (see story), some competitors are doing the same.

For example, British automaker Aston Martin is also offering adventurous consumers a taste of elegance.

Alongside travel retailer Elegant Resorts, the automaker is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour Scotland, England and Italy in one of its sports cars. Such offerings are gaining popularity within the automotive sector because they introduce the brand to travelers and create ties to less tangible experiences (see story).

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