Jeanne Chavany: French Design and Crafted Luxury

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Luxury handbags are a big topic of discussion around here at our media office. We always prefer featuring independent luxury brands that take their craft seriously. Jeanne Chavany creates classically designed luxury handbags and can be called 100% French made from design to construction. More from Jeanne Chavany:


Brand Story

Jeanne Chavany ® is a French brand of luxury handbags. Intensely creative and open to the world, Jeanne Chavany ® celebrates the ultimate quality of Made in France by a rare collection, playful and unexpected. Inspired by a rare artistic intuition and the urge to create a modern conception of true urban luxury, Carla Martin, the designer of the brand, reveals an engaging sensitivity to leather.

Jeanne Chavany ® comes from a tradition and a family-oriented in the field of fashion for generations. Strong international experience of over 15 years, the two founders reveal their refreshing creativity in this unique collection.

With the soul of a craftsman, Jeanne Chavany ® is a brand of luxury leather advocating perfectionism, guaranteeing a quality level rarely achieved. In a remarkable requirement, its creator wanted to treat each of the smallest details to be proud of all his creations. Given as an inheritance to each of its clients, Jeanne Chavany ® leather handbags are a reflection of an extremely thorough, handmade by the best French Know-How.


Jeanne Chavany ® bags express all French Know-How so plebiscites in the world. Unleash your femininity by inviting our bags on your arm. Our soft, simple lines reflect a sophistication of remarkable elegance. Jeanne Chavany ® plays with leather, shapes and colors, like a magician of senses.

The collection includes handbags and accessories declined in Luxury Leather for a total distinction (belts, bracelets and necklaces).

Discover our stunning level of finish 100% leather!


About Carla Martin

Jeanne Chavany ® handbags collection is the ult of an explosive cocktail of creativity and sensitivity created by Carla Martin, a young woman alive and sparkling spontaneity driven by a huge appetite for creation. Hungry for fresh ideas, inspired and fascinated by the great French luxury, Carla designed from scratch a pure line of high fashion handbags collection using luxury leather and incredibly fine accessories.

Thought to be a wonderful balance between modernity and elegance, contemporary and tradition, Jeanne Chavany ® shakes up the French Touch with a beautiful personality of urban luxury. The French Chic is beautifully enhanced by the “Fleur de Lys” symbol of the brand and its essence rooted in the history of France and its beautiful castles.

Jeanne Chavany ® is a line of infinitely stylish handbags and leather accessories (belts, bracelets and necklaces) ideally coordinated to reflect the beauty of hand-sewn, the intransigence of Master Craftsman and respect Know-How Made in France only. Look, touch and experience the exception identity of Jeanne Chavany ® through its carefully composed color.

With almost “royal” grace Jeanne Chavany ® handbags seduce independent and fulfilled women, conscious of distinction and femininity.


Click here to visit the Jeanne Chavany website.

By Doron Levy Courtesy Jeanne Chavany

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