Jimmy Choo’s biggest sale can’t be found in any store

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Luxury-luxury high heels by Jimmy Choo. Photograph: PR Image

Jimmy Choo’s latest sale can’t be found in store but will be the brand’s biggest yet

Highly coveted shoes and handbags have been good to the iconic British designer as Jimmy Choo recently reported an increase of 43% in operating profit for 2016. Jimmy Choo’s recent entry into the trainers market and the continued booming menswear and men’s luxury footwear category helped drive the bottom line.

Impressive performance for a relatively ‘new’ luxury brand that was founded in 1996.

In a bid to strategically improve shareholder value, Jimmy Choo recently put itself up for sale and investors have snapped up shares faster than the latest pair of trendy strappy high heels.

When the news of the sale hit the market, Jimmy Choo shares increased 10% and saw the value of the brand jump to £720 million. Pundits of the business of fashion could argue (and so could Jimmy Choo himself) that it might time to take some money off the table.

Jimmy Choo continues to dominate their business by recognizing that brand equity is the most important asset for a luxury brand. Stunning designs and highly controlled allocation and resale is what makes Jimmy Choo fashions so desirable. And desire can easily translate to dollar signs in the right circles.

Here is a great INFOGRAPHIC from Cocorose that illustrates the greatest shoe styles and can perhaps shed a little light on consumers continued love affair with fashion for the feet:

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media / Source data courtesy The Guardian / Infographic courtesy Cocorose

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