LONDON CALLING: Unique pop up at London FLUX Exhibition is a cosmic and sensory adventure

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London continues its prominence as the center of pretty much every universe as the FLUX Exhibition returns to the city this summer. This year, a unique and must see pop-up takes exhibitors on a cosmic journey where sensory manipulation becomes an art form.

Human Scientist and Artist Sally Buchanan is behind the cutting edge installation and utilizes ‘space age’ materials and equipment to create an experience that will become unique to each visitor.

Cosmic Latte Lullaby is a dream come true; from the very beginning I have been utterly dominated and propelled by the compulsion to make it real, I just don’t want to wake up ” – Sally Buchanan

This year’s FLUX will showcase 70 artists but Cosmic Latte represents the must-see-not-to-be-missed installation of the show. Read the official press release for further details:


This July, Sally Buchanan brings more than your average latte to The Chelsea College of Arts Summer FLUX exhibition. Amongst a collective of over 70 dynamic artists from all specialisms, this Human Scientist and Artist is commanding the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground with an immersive and energetic pop-up experience.

Facing the Tate Britain in Millbank, this space will be home to an artificial observatory like no other. Inspired by the limits of our own senses, the installation is christened with the name of the colour of the universe: Cosmic Latte. The lullaby hopes to provoke a personal encounter for each visitor, journeying beyond our everyday sensory consciousness.

Pushing the boundaries of kinaesthesia, Buchanan asks: “If we take our sensory limits for granted and imagine the planet to be a sensorially limited zone, what can be done to manipulate a situation? What happens when you joke around with art and science?”

The 14 x 14 metre viewing chamber is constructed with scaffolding and a futuristic double sided space blanket. This 90% reflective construction of aluminium and Mylar will be allowed to react to the British weather come rain or shine, singing its own Cosmic Latte lullaby.

Playing with the idea of the illusions seen and experienced inside an observatory, the fenestrated roof plays a fake celestial sky. Buchanan says: “In a way I could be revisiting the old idea of a firmament, neatly enclosing the limits of our environment and reaching the original and ordinary understanding of the limits of our perception.

Although, this all encompassing illusion is simply a huge experimental room, with a fenestrated roof. It plays with the light that we know so well, the light that comes from afar. The space blanket ceiling completes the illusion. Filtering from above, it intereflects and changes the light, crackling in the breeze.”

Open Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th July 2017
12th July 18.00 – 21.00 (Ticketed Private View)
13th July 11.00 – 20.00
14th July 11.00 – 20.00
15th July 11.00 – 20.00

Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip St, Westminster, London SW1P 4JU

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Introduction by Doron Levy / Courtesy Citrine PR

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