Louis Vuitton reenters fragrance category with first scent in 70 years

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Louis Vuitton handbag closure, cruise 2017
Louis Vuitton handbag closure, cruise 2017

French apparel and accessories house Louis Vuitton is returning to the fragrance sector after a decades-long hiatus.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton is expected to go to market in September, after more than four years of research and development. The fragrance label will be a license of French conglomerate LVMH, of which Louis Vuitton is the flagship brand.

The scent of travel
Writing on its LV Now blog, Louis Vuitton shared that its approach to fragrance will be inspired by far flung destinations and travel, a primary pillar of the brand.

“Metaphorically, travel is not a destination: it is a feeling that constantly nourishes body and soul, a new experience that can make your heart skip, leaving an everlasting memory,” the brand stated.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton will pay tribute to this notion and the brand’s savoir-faire.

Louis Vuitton Spirit of Travel campaign 2015
Louis Vuitton Spirit of Travel campaign 2015

The nose behind the scent is master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Over the course of his career, Mr. Cavallier Belletrud has lent his expertise to LVMH brands including Bulgari, Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy and Kenzo in the development of a number of their fragrances.

For the fragrance project, Louis Vuitton established Les Fontains Parfumées in Grasse, France. Mr. Cavallier Belletrud serves as the in-house perfumer.

To create the scent, Mr. Cavallier Belletrud, a native of Grasse, traveled the world seeking inspiration. The resulting scent has notes of “exotic places and rare materials” to create a “journey of emotions.”

Louis Vuitton’s Les Fontains Parfumées in Grasse, France
Louis Vuitton’s Les Fontains Parfumées in Grasse, France

Per Fragrantica, Louis Vuitton dabbled in perfumes in the 1920s with the release of crystal fragrance bottles “Editions d’Art” decorated by artists such as Camille Cless-Brothier, Gaston Le Bourgeois and Andre Ballet.

The first Louis Vuitton branded fragrance Heures d’Absence launched in 1927, which was followed by Je Tu II a year later. Louis Vuitton also created Reminiscences and Eau de Voyage in 1946, the latter of which was relaunched in the 1980s.

While Louis Vuitton never delved deep into the product category, many brands’ fragrances are an indispensable aspect of their heritage.

For instance, French atelier Chanel devotes ample attention to sharing the importance of Chanel N°5 with its consumers.

In its latest Inside Chanel chapter, French atelier Chanel paints a self-portrait of its iconic N°5 perfume, introducing its backstory and role in the brand’s DNA. As its most well-known fragrance, N°5 has been the subject of two other Inside Chanel chapters to date, showing the significance of the house’s first scent (see story).

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