Luxury design trends for the well seasoned affluent

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A perfect senior accommodation is above all practical. However, be that it is an adapted family home or a room in a retirement home, it can appear somewhat too practical. In order to avoid their living space looking like a hospital facility, you need to employ your creativity and invest in decor. As with everything else, you can splurge or you can have everything done DIY but you need to do something and that something is easily doable. I do not think there is a single elderly person who appreciates Ikea minimalism, so let’s see how you can help them retain the style.

Work on the curb appeal

A front porch is a place where people like to spend their time. Apart from that, it is the first thing one notices when approaching a house. A senior’s home should almost always be equipped with a ramp and handrails for the stairs (and the ramp). You can make the path leading to the entrance gradually turn into a ramp, that way you will not have a steep slope and it will seem more natural. As with anything else in your garden and around the house you can be creative and add garden art to make it special. You can do the something similar in your backyard. If your patio is slightly elevated have a curvy path go from the front to the back and up the patio.

Get a Faux Fireplace

One of the all-time luxury and homey items for a house is a fireplace. Nothing beats the heat of a fire, crackling noise and overall ambient effect it has. You will agree with me when I say that it is difficult for an elderly person to prepare and carry firewood. Instead of doing this, and depending on the budget, they can still achieve the ultimate comfort with one of the faux fireplaces available. If you want it to keep its role as a heater, you can get them an electronic or a gas fireplace. If the home is heated otherwise, or if they do not even need heating, you can build your own decorative fireplace.

Work on the walls

The following three tips are easily applicable in both, family house, or a place for assisted living. You can decorate the walls with a clever use of wallpaper. Also, you can build unique ornaments out of plaster, add shelves, picture frames and other wall art to give the place a sense of class.

Install decorative handrails

Apart from being practical, handrails can also have a decorative role. Speak to your parent/grandparent and decide on the best places to install them. Try to have them match the rest of the space so they do not clash stylistically but stand out for its beauty. They can look like vintage branches or imitate the shelves or sofa hand rests.

Redo the bathroom

The bathroom will need remodeling to adapt to accomodate the safe and healthy life of your senior family member. Use this opportunity to transform it beautifully. You will need a walk-in shower and grab bars. Again, employ your taste and make them stylish, do not make them look like disability aids. Consult the elderly loved-one about the color of bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture and accessories. Ensure to do everything possible to prevent them from falling so do not forget to purchase anti-slip strips and mats.

Pick the right furniture and lighting

One piece of furniture was always one of my favorite and it without exception catches my eye whenever I come across it. It is a storage chest usually placed at the foot of a bed. I imagine that is the place where kings and queens sit to put their socks on. You can build it or buy it. The ones with a padded top can’t fail to provide the sense of luxury. Now all you need is to get a matching chest of drawers and you’ve got a prime suite.

Focus on the bed

As mentioned before, it is all about creating a luxury home and not a hospital room. Due to health issues, some seniors have to have a bed which does look like a hospital one. There is no reason why you cannot put some effort into minimizing the resemblance. First of all, purchase extravagant bed linen. Second, add pillows and cushions to it as well as a bed cover for when it is empty, of course, all to the comfort of your loved-one.

Depending on the budget, think of the ways you would decorate your home to make a luxurious living space, add the practical details and mask them. Rescon Builders specialize in building homes for elderly and their advice based on their experience is not to give up easily because the task is not as difficult as it may seem. The goal is to create an environment where seniors can feel safe, comfortable and empowered.

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