Luxury Fashion in a Fitness Shirt: A Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

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Ralph Lauren has designed a biometric fitness shirt that is both fashionable and high tech. The Polo Tech shirt is targeted towards men who not only want to look good in the sleek, black compression shirt, but also need to understand just how much effort they are putting into their workout by tracking a number of biometric statistics.

The smart shirt is embedded with sensors that record the wearer’s vitals, including breathing depth, heart rate, stress level, and calories expended. As the shirt records the information, it is sent to an app. The app will record and store the information as well as help tailor workouts to the user’s specific needs according to the vitals.

The shirt was tested last year at the U.S. Open tennis tournament last year by lucky ball boys. Marcos Giron also sported the performance shirt during practice.


Fitness Shirt Made Possible By Collaboration with OmSignal

Though Ralph Lauren’s classic Polo logo emblazons the tight black tee, the fitness shirt laden with sensors was made possible in collaboration with OmSignal, a biometric tech company that produces its own sensor shirt (without the RL logo, of course).

With OmSignal’s design, the shirt is considered a “second-skin” fabric that is interwoven with silver fibers connected to a smart box on the side of the lightweight, durable fitness shirt.

The smart box almost blends into the shirt as it is sleek, small, and matches the black compression fabric. Though hardly noticeable, it is the very thing that carries the most high-tech advancements that allows the shirt to be a fitness tracker.

It is the best technology available for a smart fitness shirt and while the men wearing it will work up a sweat, the breathable fabric is also machine-washable.

Ralph Lauren Combines Fitness with Fashion

With Ralph Lauren’s latest innovation, they are pioneering a new industry where fitness meets luxury fashion. In a statement by David Lauren, the company’s executive vice president, Ralph Lauren is the first major luxury fashion brand to have made it to the fitness market.

As Ralph Lauren digs into the technological realm of clothing, the fitness shirt that is itself a sensor shows how committed the company is to bringing healthy, active lifestyles to its consumers. The Polo Tech shirt doesn’t just help elite athletes; the fashion brand believes every man can use the shirt to record their respective level of fitness.

Though sports brands have invented similar products, Ralph Lauren’s emergence as the first in the fashion industry to design and reveal a fitness shirt shows just how innovative the nearly 50-year-old brand still is.

The compression shirt is available for men only; however, it only took 5 short years for Ralph Lauren to create his first womens’ clothing line after his opening his company. Perhaps the next innovation RL will reveal will be a fitness shirt with smart technology tracking for the ladies.

By Kimiko Courtesy Clapway

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