Luxury Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2017

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means its time to celebrate those magnanimous women who (despite our petulant behavior) demonstrate patience and kindness, but, more importantly, who are models of strength and independence.

Throughout history, many have opined that the ideal mother is one who is fervently devoted to her family. Though going above and beyond for your children is commendable, to say that this is how mothers should only be is a puritanical, archaic stance at best. Thankfully, times have changed, and the doting Stepford Wife caricature—a woman that put ambitions and goals aside to dedicate every moment to attending to the whims of loved ones—has been eschewed and replaced by the Girl Boss: a woman who balances both her personal and professional responsibilities with gusto; a woman who goes after her desires without apology; a woman who has leaned in.

With this in mind, mothers deserve a gift  (or several) that is just as dynamic and captivating as they are. Better yet, if you happen to be a mom, commemorate your own achievements and treat yourself to a stellar item that shows the world that you’re in control.

Need some suggestions? From a bold piece of jewelry to a colorful scarf to an elegant shoe, check out the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2017.

Sarah’s Bag

She wears her heart on her sleeve, or in this case, her purse. This is what the Classic Roar bag by Lebanese brand Sarah’s Bag demonstrates implicitly. It shows the world that she is not afraid to voice your opinion, and exude style, too.

Sarah’s Bag Classic Roar Bag, $490,

Larkspur & Hawk

A woman who says she doesn’t love jewelry is lying to herself. Indeed, a shimmering bauble has a way of inciting awe like no other garment or accessory can. Case in point: Larkspur & Hawk’s Caterina Pinwheel Earrings. Cast in white quartz with colored foils, yellow gold and sterling silver, this choice piece is as bold and eye-catching as it is delicate and feminine.

Larkspur & Hawk Caterina Pinwheel Earrings, $1,200,

Hill House Home

A successful night’s sleep is hard to come by. This is why many turn to aides, whether it’s a sedative, carefully constructed music playlists or extra fluffy bedding. Sometimes, however, it is as simple as closing your eyes tight and shutting out all the glimmering lights (here’s looking at the city dwellers). For this, Hill House Home has a great eye mask that is made of 100% silk and clearly informs others that mom is extremely busy…taking a nap.

Hill House Home Busy Bee Silk Eye Mask, $45,

Patek Philippe

Even with large, brawny styles dominating the luxury watch market, the best firms are still perceptive to those that appreciate pieces that are whimsical, glitzy and, to put it plainly, pretty. Patek Philippe, for one, has a great assortment of ladies’ watches that forgoes any hint of masculinity, but it still nonetheless powerful. Its Calatvra watch—with it vivid pink color, engraved mother-of-pearl dial and 98 diamonds and 89 pink sapphires—is a great example of this.

Patek Philippe Ladies Calatavra Watch, $102,062,


From equestrian-themed designs to florals, Hermès scarves have a flair for the fanciful. Recently, it has partnered with illustrator Nigel Peake on a scheme that is fresh and modern, but still keeps to the codes of the maison. Named On A Summer Day, the scarf abstracts a bustling metropolis, forming a composition that is poetic, energetic and, more importantly, will compliment a variety of outfits.

Hermès On A Summer Day Scarf, $395,


Few garments have spurred as much outrage as corsets. But over the years, the disdain over this waist constrictor have placated, and it is now even celebrated for conjuring a wistful affection for the past, when chivalry existed and women still bought haute couture. This is what Cartier had in mind with its Agrafe collection, which consists of pieces inspired by the clasps of the corsets that defined the Parisian silhouette. To be sure, no one would mind being squeezed by a gold and diamond bracelet.

Cartier Agrafe Bracelet, $6,750,

Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a brand that embraces minimalism. It stays clear of flourishes and unnecessary embellishments, making it perfect for functions of the corporate variety. That said, it also has a fun, relaxed side, as demonstrated by the Bootee slipper. The easy silhouette and quaint chartreuse color is great for off-duty hours.

Jil Sander Bootee Shoe, $590,

John Hardy

If she is not into dainty, personal jewelry, John Hardy’s Dot collection is right up her alley.  Not only is the line sleek, sizable and robust, the design, as with everything the brand creates, has greater meaning. The joined circles are intended to convey boundless love and infinite possibility. And what mother doesn’t want a sentiment like that?

John Hardy Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Dot Cuff, $2,950,

Jerome Dreyfuss

In the past, leopard was the go-to print for sex kittens and damsels rescued by men named Tarzan and George (the one from the jungle). But thanks to designers like Jerome Dreyfuss, it has become an easy way to show confidence. (Insert Tarzan’s yell here).



Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Leopard Bag, $845,

By Barry Samaha Courtesy Forbes

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