Luxury Gymwear Brands To Increase Performance

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Gym wear brands are effectively there to help you stay dry during those tough sessions and of course, help you look the part when you’re put through your paces. The more you spend on gym wear, the more likely you are to see just how technically brilliant gym wear brands can be. The technology used to create such items of clothing is next to none and when you see how much they can benefit your body and your performance, it adds something a little extra to your wardrobe and sessions. To help you get an understanding of how we’ve listed some luxury gym wear brands to increase performance.

Totum Fitness

We start the list with one of the most niche types of gym wear, CrossFit Clothing. The brand was created by bringing people together and helping one another feel inspired when you are training alongside other functional fitness fanatics. The Totum team created a brand that was designed with technical fabrics that help you reach the next level in terms of performance. Totum Fitness have helped many take their game to the next level, coincided with the finest CrossFit clothing UK has to offer. For those who are unsure about how CrossFit can benefit them, Totum is always available through various different channels.


 Reebok is the king of CrossFit clothing, especially as they were created by fitness juggernauts Adidas. Adidas saw that the CrossFit style was there for the taking and made Reebok in an attempt to corner off any competition. The durable, effortless and technically brilliant brand has won various awards with a number of celebrities and pro athletes taking the brand in its stride. For those looking for reliability, Reebok is exactly what you need.


 Wodable, similar to Totum Fitness is another UK brand with the concept of helping those obsessed with the idea of CrossFit. Their heavy metal approach to the market has seen them become a fan favourite all over the UK. With their unique, timeless and in your face designs, Wodable has a distinct style that the big lifters have been thriving for many years. Whether you are looking for accessories, clothing or even some friendly advice on how to improve your game, Wodable is a brand that continues to make movements in the gym wear and CrossFit world.

Bear Strength

Bear Strength is a functional fitness brand dedicated to bringing a fashion twist to the gym wear world. Bear Strength appeals to everyone with their timeless, yet bold designs. The idea behind the brand is that it is dedicated the fitness fanatics who love training as much as they love the outdoors. Their website has everything from clothing to accessories to meal plans to help you reach the goal you are trying to achieve.

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    I really love crossfit clothing. Totum fitness is one the best I like there collections.

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