LUXURY HACKS: 4 Ways Technology’s Making Us More Vulnerable

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Technology is nothing to be afraid of, but it’s wise to take precautions. You want to do what’s in your power to protect you and your family from any sort of hack or attack. Your employer should also be doing the same at work.

It’s smart to be cautious and do what experts say to protect your belongings and devices. Learn how to keep yourself safe and you shouldn’t run into any issues. Understanding what technology is out there and how it’s being used will help you do this in your own life. See four ways technology’s making us more vulnerable.

Smart Home

If you’re lucky enough to live in luxury, chances are you have a smart home. All of your belongings and toys are connected in some way and they communicate. While this is helpful for the homeowner, it also makes it easier for a robber to break into your home and steal. There are also hackers who’ll work their way into your home through your devices and be able to mess with you through their cyber tactics. It’s a good idea to keep your gadgets and smart home enhancements secure and protected from those who wish to do you harm.

Technology at Work

Work computers and systems are always being targeted by hackers. Technology works both for you and against you in some sense; it just depends upon which end you’re on. When people or companies are involved in a lawsuit, they go through a process called discovery. Each side will ask the other side to produce information that is relevant to the case. Finding, collecting and producing electronic data during litigation is called electronic discovery or e discovery. It’s a great service that helps and protects businesses.


You carry your phone everywhere you go. It’s attached at your hip and you use it to look up any answer that you don’t know. It’s important to protect your phone and avoid any issues with your camera or data. Apps are allowed access to your personal information and searching on the Internet is only as secure as you’re aware of at the time. Carrying around your device everywhere you go and using it at all times makes you more vulnerable to the outside world. Look into the security features for your phone and make sure you’re using them.

Social Media

Social media is addicting. You want to share, post, like and comment on all you see. Be aware of what you’re sharing with the world. For example, if you’re going on vacation don’t post the details and your exact whereabouts because someone could be watching and try to break into your home while they know you’re gone. While social media is fun and exciting, it’s also a place where people go to find those most vulnerable. Participate with caution and be smart.


Technology is so intriguing we often don’t consider the downside. While there’s no reason to go overboard, take precautions and protect yourself. These are four ways technology’s making us more vulnerable.

By James Daniels Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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