LUXURY HACKS: Fallen in Love Abroad? Here Are Possible Next Steps

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A visit abroad often comes with adventure and lifetime memories. But it can also come with finding unexpected love. Falling in love with someone abroad can be exhilarating, but isn’t always as simple as parting ways with an amazing connection and promises to meet again. Sometimes it turns into something more than an overseas fling and a longing to be together.

There are options other than making a yearly visit and talking over WhatsApp and Snapchat every day. You can take the steps to move abroad and build a life together. Although the process isn’t necessarily simple, there are options to spend more time abroad with your loved one.

Explore a Job Relocation

If your career is already up and running, you can explore a job relocation to another country to move closer to your love. It could be a best-case scenario when a company helps navigate the visa process for you or even pays for your move. It will also alleviate the stress of figuring out how to land a job or earn a living abroad. After all, you still need to fund your new life regardless of how happy you are to be with your loved one.

If your job doesn’t have offices in another country, you can always start exploring a new field. Think of it as an opportunity to expand and grow your career while getting to live near your special someone.

Look into a Visa

Start exploring the visa requirements of the country you want to move to. If you’re coming up empty, you might be able to secure a specialty visa like a Tier 5 temporary worker for those who want to work in the UK on a temporary basis for work experience, training or fellowship through a government-approved program. However, if you’re freelancing or working remotely and don’t necessarily need a visa to work, you can look into a Tier 5 visa for temporary, unpaid volunteer and charity workers.

Work Toward a Green Card

At some point, it’s not enough to just temporarily reside in the country with your love without feeling restless with the stress of uncertainty. You also need a path to build a more permanent life together. This is the time to start looking into a Green Card. The process can be complicated, so it’s important to start with a resource like Simple Citizen to get a comprehensive overview of how to go through the green card process.

Start Working Remotely

Although not a long-term solution, you can start working remotely as a freelancer or contractor. Using technology like Skype or FaceTime can help you keep in touch with clients while platforms like UpWork can help you find freelance work.

You can also ask your workplace if they’re open to you working remotely overseas. Once you’ve figured out how you will work abroad, you can either get a visitor’s visa or come in and out of the country to avoid the need for official paperwork. For example, many countries in Europe allow visitors to stay for up to 90 days within a 180-day period before needing to leave the country. Although this is a short-term solution, you and your love could trade off visiting each other or travel the world while you figure out next steps.

Enroll in College Abroad

Falling in love when you’re already in college, or ready to start, could be a path to moving abroad. Depending on the country you want to study in, you will need a nonimmigrant student/study visa. This assures the government you’re not trying to take up permanent residence. Of course, spending a few years in another country while you learn also means spending more time with your loved one while you explore more permanent solutions.

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