LUXURY HACKS: How to Ensure Your Camper is Secure Whilst Static

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Throughout your trip, your campervan is your home from home, and it’s just as important to make sure you and your vehicle are safe and secure at all times. It’s really easy to overlook certain security measures with your camper, especially when you’re in the middle of a campsite and you feel you’re around lots of other campers in the same situation. Just like you would with your home, it’s really important to make sure you stay alert and keep certain security measures in place to ensure your vehicle is secure and protected from unwanted visitors.

Doors and Windows

When you go to sleep on an evening, you wouldn’t ever leave your front or back door unlocked or your windows wide open, and the same applies when going to sleep in your camper. Whilst your campervan may be much smaller than your home, it’s still essential to look the doors and close all windows to keep you and the contents of your vehicle safe. Ensure all locks on both doors and windows are in full working order, as if you head out on your travels with locks that don’t work, your insurance wouldn’t cover you if you were to be broken into. Similarly, it’s really important to ensure your vehicle has a working alarm too. Be sure to check that your alarm is designed for your camper, as many car alarms are designed to alert people when there is movement inside the vehicle, whereas you want your alarm to detect any unusual behaviour that could occur whilst you’re sleeping or away from the campervan.

Privacy Elements

Spending your holiday in your campervan is always such a great thing to do, giving you plenty of down time to relax and unwind, and being able to keep everything you need under one roof throughout your travels. You want to be able to relax and feel safe throughout your trip, so it’s important that your vehicle has the right features to help give you privacy and keep any unwanted eyes out. The first thing that all campervans should have is privacy glass. By using privacy glass on your vehicle, you are able to give yourself added privacy and prevent people from being able to see straight into your campervan and pry on everything you’re doing. This won’t just prevent people from seeing what you’re doing, but it will help to keep your personal items out of sight too. You can also invest in quality campervan curtains to help you feel safer and keep your camper as private as possible.

Tracking and Cameras

In today’s world, you rarely find a vehicle that hasn’t had a GPS tracker fitted into the system. This is simply because it is the most efficient way of keeping track of your vehicle and, if it were to get stolen, you can locate the vehicle and track it down to its last movement. Having a GPS tracker is extremely beneficial and is hugely recommended for any vehicle. You also find that lots of campervan owners have started to invest in high quality cameras to add to the exterior of their vehicle. Similar to a dash cam, the camera will detect any movement outside the vehicle and give you a clear video of any interaction that may have occurred through the night or whilst you’re away from your vehicle. Having video proof of any damage caused to your camper will also really help with insurance purposes, so it’s always worthwhile adding one to your campervan.

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