LUXURY HACKS: How to Keep Your Luxurious Items Safe When Moving

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Moving is already stressful enough without having to worry about keeping expensive things safe in the process. If you think about it, every time you moved to another place, there was always at least one thing that somehow got broken. The biggest worry is luxurious or rare objects that are also fragile, at least most of the time – terrible combination! But here’s how you can protect your valuables next time you’re changing location:

Make a list

Before you start packing things, write down all the items you consider valuable, as well as a short description on each one of them. If you want to be more thorough, take photos of them and sort them out with an app, such as Sortly. This will be useful in case you have to deal with an insurance company if something gets lost or broken.

Choose strong boxes

Avoid boxes with thin walls. The best option is corrugated cardboard boxes, as they are the strongest and will keep fragile items safe. Also, flat-screen TV boxes with padding are good not only for moving TV but some other big and expensive items, as well as stemware, which is especially difficult to pack safe. Sure, padded boxes are more expensive than cardboard boxes, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new TV!

Dealing with glass

Use a masking or painter’s tape to make a big X with masking on items under glass – it’s a trick people do to protect windows before strong winds – it prevents the glass from shattering.


Use packaging paper or bubble wrap for wrapping precious or fragile items. Don’t use newspaper for that because newspaper ink can rub off on items like china dishes. Still, you can use newspaper for filling the holes between those items in a box.
If it’s going to be a long ride, better consider using wooden crates for larger items such as a chandelier. If it’s a mirror in question or anything with glass, cover it with stretch wrap to be sure it will remain undamaged.

Logical placing

When placing items into a box, put heavier stuff first and then lighter can go on top of them. If there are a lot of smaller items, put them all into a small box which can also be put on top.
Dishes should be placed at the edge of the box, don’t put the flat side down. If the box gets bumped, they are less likely to break in that position.
Also, make sure the box is completely full so that the top of it doesn’t cave in.


No point in keeping things safe in a box if you don’t know where the fragile items are. Although it’s supercheap, self storage won’t be of much use if you didn’t label your boxes and containers properly. Labels like “Fragile” and “This end up” are of great help for workers when moving them or for you, once you start opening it.

Have insurance

Better to be safe than sorry! Yes, there is no replacement or amount of money that will make up for your grandfather’s broken watch that you cherish, but having insurance could make up for damaging Chinese porcelain dishes. This insurance means that any damaged item will be repaired and any broken or lost item will be compensated with money.

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