LUXURY HACKS: Keep that luxury shine on your home’s high end flooring

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It is nice to have an air of luxury in your interior, whether in your home, or professional environment. One way of achieving that effect is by installing luxury vinyl flooring. And honestly, there is nothing quite like the sheen of the waxed floor and the sound of footwear clicking against the impeccably smooth tiles. But alas, as everything that comes at a somewhat higher price, the maintenance can be somewhat demanding. If perfection is what you’re after, then your flooring will need constant upkeep. However, by the end of our list of tips, you might be surprised at just what this maintenance entails, and might change your mind about how arduous of a task it is.

Design choice is crucial

Believe it or not, the choice of the vinyl flooring’s design can play an enormous role on how you deal with stains, scratches and other wear-and-tear of your floor. If you decide to go for a design that has several textures or shades in its pattern, it will be easier to conceal any superficial damage. This is especially important if the vinyl flooring is installed in high traffic areas. However, even though this leaves some maintenance breathing room, checking the flooring regularly for imperfections is vital.

Maintain routinely

Speaking of regular check-ups, to ensure you never have to spend hours cleaning your luxury flooring, do routine maintenance. Figure out a schedule by yourself, or with the cleaning crew (if you have one). Sweep the floor at least once a week, and keep in mind that using non-abrasive stain removers more frequently will work much better than stronger chemicals on rare occasions. Along with that, be on the lookout for any stains that can be wiped off as soon as they are made, as it will make the weekly clean a whole lot easier.

Extra glitz and glamour

The kind of luxurious vinyl flooring you decided on will dictate whether or not you should re-wax when it starts to lose the shine because there are types of vinyl flooring that require additional wax coating maintenance as well. Don’t forget to research what kind of wax would work best, or check in with the manufacturer. More importantly, if your vinyl floor is said to be a “no wax” one, then take it by heart – the polyurethane coating that gives it its signature shine doesn’t go well with additional wax, and you will do more harm than good by trying to achieve any additional glitz.


This type of cleaning should be done on a weekly basis. After a good dry sweep of the floor, employ damp mopping with a very light, non-abrasive detergent. Using a “two bucket” system – one bucket for mopping the first layer of dirt, and a second for that extra shine – will help rid of any durable stains. Just be sure not to use anything harsh, including excessive strength in peeling off any dried out stains, to avoid doing more damage yourself.

“Upgrade” your furniture

Another kind of wear-and-tear most vinyl floors go through is the one from furniture. It usually comes from the legs of tables and chairs being dragged across the floor, or from utilities as they’re being moved. One way to keep the floor safe from dents is to get floor protectors for the legs of your furniture, and another is to use mats or carpets. And for when you need to move heavy utilities or appliances, try placing a plywood sheet down the path you want to push it. This will keep your floors a little longer lasting.

Think in advance

Before installing the vinyl flooring, take into consideration the room it is going to be located in, as well as the amount of traffic that you expect it to have. This will have a major impact on the amount of maintenance required. And alongside making a schedule of when and how you will upkeep the floor, Cleanworks advises not to be afraid to consult with experts, and see what kind of products they regularly use. For a luxurious item in your household, you will need some additional care, which is still a small price to pay when compared to fixing deeper scratches, dents and damages that require floor tile replacement.


We all know that luxury has its own price. And when it comes to interior design, we are aware that often the price is high maintenance. Even something that seems as easily manageable, like vinyl flooring, comes with its own perks and conditions if you want the more prestigious kind. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some tips and tricks, your vinyl floors can look like a fortune, without all the expensive upkeep. All it takes is regular maintenance, checking for superficial damage, and consulting with professionals.

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