LUXURY HOME: 5 Household Items No Affluent Homeowner Would do Without

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The habits of the rich are sometimes difficult for mere mortals to get our heads around. But we can all identify with the desire to make guests welcome and entertain them in the lap of luxury. With that in mind, here are five niche household items no affluent homeowner can do without. 

1. Gold toilet brush

In polite society, it’s considered unrefined to follow guests into your bathroom — unless they’ve requested assistance. And if they don’t praise the standard of your facilities, you’ll never know if their experience was breath-taking. So discerning homeowners add little luxurious touches to make toilet visitors feel uncommonly comfortable — a gold-plated toilet brush set is just one fabulous example. Well-to-do hosts want their guests to experience the Midas touch while they’re making their ablutions, so a little touch of gold is the very dab.

2. Antique umbrella stand

When guests arrive after braving the elements between their limo and the front door, they’ll need somewhere to store their umbrella. And the lack of a suitable receptacle is a social faux pas that can cause considerable reputational damage. So hosts with the requisite wherewithal usually invest in a stunning antique umbrella stand that fulfils a practical purpose but is also aesthetically pleasing. Four-section Victorian iron and brass models are reasonably popular — but a 19th Century cast iron Art Nouveau piece has a certain je ne sais quoi.

3. Personalised mat

When you’ve purchased a country house, it’s natural that guests will walk around your extensive gardens. But even the most mild-mannered millionaires get tetchy when high-spirited visitors traipse in from the great outdoors trailing dirt — it’s so tricky for staff to remove from Persian rugs. High-quality outdoor mats provide a sensible solution, and they can even be personalised with a pithy family motto that represents the host’s heritage. Mats are definitely a must for anyone who wants to maintain tidy floors — sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

4. Slippers

Asking guests to remove their shoes can present a quandary — a balance must be achieved between being excessively house-proud and allowing your carpets to fall into a state of disrepair. But affluent hosts solve this dilemma with a secret weapon — guest slippers. Visitors won’t think twice about removing their outdoor shoes to replace them with a pair of these warm carpet-creepers — and they can take them away as a lasting legacy of their night of luxury. When you want to evoke that special spa ambience that makes everyone feel completely relaxed, slippers set the mood perfectly.

5. Electric wine opener

Once the rigmarole of foot wiping, slipper distribution and toilet attendance is complete, most guests have worked up a thirst that can only be quenched by quaffing a vintage wine. But operating a manual corkscrew several times over the course of a social gathering can cause fatigue and leave a manicure looking rather mangled. Electric wine bottle openers make light work of uncorking classic bottles and the best portable models can open 30 before requiring a recharge — more than enough for most celebrations.When you want to keep guests refreshed in the most efficient manner, an automatic wine opener is a wise investment. 

Purchase these five niche household items and you’ll be ready to entertain the most demanding guests.

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