LUXURY HOME: Give Your Home a Subtle Luxurious Feel

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In an ideal world, our lives resemble big-budget reality TV shows, everyone’s got an A-class interior designer on speed dial and money’s not an issue. In reality – price tags usually define the level of comfort, style and elegance in our homes, and unless you are super invested in DIY projects that help make your home exude your personal tastes, you’ll probably end up roaming around your house frustrated and unhappy with the state of your interior design. Well, not anymore. These days we’ve been gathering super useful designer tips to apply to our homes and help them transform into marvelous villas that radiate sophistication and luxury, even while being on the budget.

Read the tips below to get the latest scoop on how to give your home a subtle luxurious feel in just a few steps:

Include a variety of textures

One of the most common designing mistakes people make is going for the same color for all the interior elements. Having a chair, sofa, throw pillows and drapes dressed in the same color or the same fabric/texture will make your space look unimaginative, cheap and… well, boring. To give your space a lush feel, include a variety of sizes and textures to add dimension to the space and give out the feel of luxury and richness. Play with pillow textures and sofa covers, and dare to experiment with colors and graphics – your space will instantly get the oomph it was originally lacking.

Create a focal point in every room

Yes, a “focal point” does sound fancy but it’s nothing more and nothing less than a singular spot in the room that draws the eye the moment you enter. This focal point can be anything: a huge antique mirror, a piece of furniture that stands out, an interesting architectural detail or a gallery wall displaying your family portraits, meaningful wall art, your own paintings or anything similar you want to make the centre of everyone’s interest. If you can’t find an obvious spot for a focal point, turn a fabulous piece of furniture into your centerpiece. Pick any of the rich-looking lounges to be the focal point of your space and decorate it with interesting throws and accent pillows. Put two end-tables on each side and add see-through lamps for a romantic atmosphere. Arrange other furniture elements around the lounge sofa, and – voila!

Go with plush seating

While minimal interior design can look extremely luxurious with spaces whose owners are known to have more money than they can spend (case in point the home of Kim Kardashian West with all-white-furniture, bare walls and marble counters), regular people still find luxury associated with extravagant decorative elements, comfortable furniture and interesting detailing. In order to give your home a lavish feel, add plush, comfortable seating in the entertainment rooms. The seating should be upholstered, cushioned and rich in fabric to really nail the luxurious feel. For an added hint of luxury, throw pillows in a variety of textures (see paragraph one) and sizes are a must (hint: the bigger the better). Casually thrown on the floor (but intentionally, obviously!), pillows that serve as seating elements will look super lux!

Choose inviting colors

The appeal of all-things-white definitely has a timeless feel but warm colors make a better statement (and are easier to maintain). Although all-white furniture does look exceptionally gorgeous in a magazine, your family and friends would rather be surrounded with warm, relaxing colors.

If you want to give your home a more intimate, energetic feel choose colors like yellow, orange and red for your décor. A splash of blue and white mixed with these hot colors will work, too. However, if you are looking to achieve a more tranquil, relaxed atmosphere, earthy colors like milk white, tan, neutral, light brown, gray, deep green, ocher and similar should be your go-to palette.

Add fresh flowers

There’s nothing like fresh flowers placed around the house to give it a wonderfully luxurious, almost whimsical feel. Go with see-through vases (the bigger the better), as they give off a feeling of richness, and choose single-colored flowers – preferably roses. White, red or yellow ones go a long way, while the pink ones agree with spaces oozing a romantic vibe. If your home has a central hallway, place a vase with fresh flowers at the central roundtable, so it’s the first thing you spot upon entering the house. This trick will immediately make the space pop!

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis Long gone are days when bathrooms used to be, well, just that – bathrooms. These days, everyone is going for a lux, spa-like vibe hoping to bring a little riches and relaxation into their lives. If your budget allows it, opt for marble tiles, a two-sink vanity with bigger-than-life round mirrors and a central bathtub with massagers. Also, include a lot of greenery into the space, preferably natural. Bamboo trees or greens that tolerate humidity are a great choice. Oh and – don’t forget to put a vase with fresh flowers on the vanity… why? Because that’s what the rich do.

When arranging your home, make sure you give it a personal touch. While decorating it with luxury in mind is great, you don’t want to create a space that’s not you. Let your creativity and personality run free!

By Will Sandford Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. He is also a regular contributor to SmoothDecorator. Connect with him on Twitter.

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