LUXURY HOME: How to Get Your Kids Outside to Play in the Yard

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Your backyard is so much more than just a piece of land. It’s the place where adventures are taken and creativity is fostered. Remember when you were a child and you spent all day outside? You probably left the house the second you shoved your last bite of your mom’s home cooked breakfast in your mouth and didn’t come inside until the lights came on and it was time for dinner. You spent all day outside creating games, adventures, and fun with your siblings and friends. Those were the days.

Time has changed, of course. You don’t want your kids running around the neighborhood all day every day, but you do want them outdoors. Why not create a fun, safe, and enjoyable environment for them outside so you can all live happily ever after? Here are a few tips for creating a backyard escape worthy of any kid’s best imagination.

Install a Pool

Swimming pool prices are  than you might imagine, which means a pool might just be in your near future. Why not take some time to compare prices, check the budget, and see if you can create a pool for your kids? If you want to create something really special, consider adding a slide or a sundeck for the kids to enjoy. The can be mermaids and pirates and sea captains all summer in your new pool.

Fence it In

Your yard is always a bit safer when there’s a fence around it. You have peace of mind knowing it’s not exactly easy for the kids to get outside the fence without some real effort, and it’s a lot more difficult for people to get inside your yard without the same effort. It also helps keep animals at bay or at least slow them down long enough to let your kids call your name for help if something were to happen. A fence is the best thing you can add to your yard to make it safer and more enjoyable.

Add a Fire pit

A firepit can be more fun than most anything when you do it right. One with built-in seating so your kids can sit down and roast marshmallows during the summer and tell ghost stories in the fall is perfect. You can stay warm while they play outside at night, and you can rest easy knowing there is a little something for everyone for the entire family outside. A firepit can bring you all together throughout the year, which is what you’re looking for in your backyard oasis.

Plant a Garden

Do your kids love to help you with things, grow their own flowers and plants, or show any interest in working outside? A garden is a wonderful addition to your yard. Your kids can play in the flowers, help you keep it alive, and they can take serious pride in eating their own homegrown fruit and vegetables. They can have all the adventures they want playing in and around the garden, and it also helps them learn more about the different kinds of dragonflies, butterflies, and other bugs that love gardens.

You can add a sandbox, a playground, a rock garden, a water feature, a wooded area perfect for hiding, and even an outdoor living space where your kids can curl up with a good book on a rainy day. There is no limit to what you can do and add to your yard to make it more adventurous and appealing to your kids. You can leave it a blank space for them and they will still find a way to use the space to the best of their ability.

Let your own imagination run a bit wild creating a space perfect for kids in your backyard. Think of what you loved as a child, and see if you can incorporate a bit of that into your own landscape. Your kids want a reason to get out and play, and who wants to hinder that kind of creativity and use of imagination?

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