LUXURY HOME: Using Video Can Sell Your House Faster

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Real estate marketing has always been very competitive. With the shift from print to digital, it has also become much more complex. There are many more tactics that can be utilized now to stand out and to sell a house or condo faster.

One of these tactics is the use of video. While it involves more work than simply taking pictures, it can significantly reduce time on market. Especially for premium properties it is worth the investment to produce a short video. These properties often have a dedicated website anyway and adding a video might help to make the site even more convincing.

While you could upload the video to YouTube and embed it on your site, using a custom video player will help to convey an upscale impression, especially if the property comes at a premium price. If you don’t want to pay a professional production company, you could consider hiring a freelancer or a film student to get a high quality video at a lower cost point.

Make sure to film on a sunny day and to highlight all the key features of the house or condo. Include attractive footage of the neighborhood. This may help to get potential buyers interested who are relocating from another city or country.

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