Luxury Homes of the Future

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future luxury home

Luxury homes will never be a thing of the past. However, trends do change. Many of the trends just 15 years ago are considered outdated and cheap now. It can make it extremely hard when purchasing a home to know if the home will be outdated and old in just a few years. Here are a few trends that are happening now, and will be happening in the future.


Flooring says an incredible amount about the home. A great home can be ruined by old or worn flooring, and a mediocre home can be somewhat impressive with proper flooring. Floors of the future will have a number of technological advancements that are just starting to trend today. One of the big ones is heated floors with a flexible cushioning to cushion impact while walking.

Who doesn’t hate to wake up in the winter, step out of bed in your bare feet and immediately feel the chill of the night run all the way up your legs?


Many experts think that bathrooms will have some of the greatest updates and home automation improvements in coming years. One particular way is in the shower. Math points to most people spending over a year in the shower over the course of their lifetime. That is a long time to be spent just standing under warm water.

What if you could watch TV in the shower, listen to music, work, or do just about any other task you would do out of the shower? For those that enjoy their peaceful thought-provoking showers that would be a nightmare, for others it would be an incredible improvement.

Shower speakers became a hit in 2014, but they were just the beginning. Expect automated homes of the future to have built in touchscreens in the bathroom that can be used in the shower for anything a modern iPad can do.

Green and Beyond

Green homes are already trending. Houses of the future will take that to the next step. Tesla technology combined with solar technology and home automation technology will put everyone’s homes off the grid. Your home will soak up electricity from the sun, wind, or other sources by day and store it in batteries that can be used in the night or during emergencies.

Fully Connected

Expect your next home to be completely connected to everything. We are not just talking about a few knick knacks like your door knob connected to your smartphone, we are talking about your home becoming the central technological hub of your entire life. The entire home will be wired and connected to your smart device. Doors, windows, floor temperatures, water, utilities, lighting, sprinkling systems, appliances, and more. Everything will run through a single home software system. You will be able to access the system from a smart device and do virtually anything you want in your home, even while you are not at home. Imagine being able to move along loads of laundry with the push of a button, or having your coffee made ready to go right when you get out of bed in the morning. These are just a few of the possibilities of a connected home.

A lot of these trends are already starting to show up. Some of the newer homes being sold on Zillow and other for sale by owner sites are starting to show homes being sold with home automation and advanced electronics built in.

When it comes time to build that dream home you have always wanted, just imagine the possibilities.

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