LUXURY LIFE HACKS: Sporting facial hair? Get the right sunglasses. INFOGRAPHIC

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When it comes to the beard conversation, I will gladly step up on my soapbox as I’ve been sporting one since Grade 12 and frankly, I like my facial hair. Yes, relationships have been destroyed over my beard but it’s received more positive kudos then negative reviews. When my contact at Sunglass Warehouse sent me this infograpic, I was all over it like a fine shave balm.

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Beards and mustaches do change the shape and profile of a man’s face and with today’s wild sunglasses trends, it’s important for the style conscience guy to pick the right pair of shades. This infographic provides the perfect parings for your facial hair and the right style of sunglasses. 2 things to consider, your own style trumps whatever the graphic says and Aviators trump all. Enjoy and please share your comments below:


By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media / Sunglass Warehouse

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