Luxury Life: Time really is money

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The term jet set was coined in the 1950’s and was used to describe wealthy individuals who would ‘jet’ from city to city partaking in whatever luxuries the current locale could offer. The term still holds true today but perhaps in a different form as high net worth individuals take more of a personalized role in managing their businesses and careers leaving precious little time for anything else.

One of the most important commodities for affluent individuals is time. With the adoption of technology and our ‘always on call’ society, those with considerable assets are finding it more difficult to put in the time needed to handle or manage their more complex affairs.

The accumulation of assets is definitely a positive result of hard work, but like anything worth money, high value assets require time and consideration to keep up their values.

Assets such as yachts, private jets, vintage cars and even artwork cannot just be purchased and ignored. Time and resources must be allocated to managing and enhancing such assets and wealthy individuals just don’t have the time to effectively take care of appreciating non-financial assets.

Real estate has always been the backbone of many high net worth portfolios but also has the highest maintenance obligations. Concerns such as taxes and bylaws and all the way down to landscaping can represent the biggest time black hole to their owners. When time is money, there just isn’t any resources available when you have your own ‘empire’ to build and manage.

In addition to time management, today’s highly competitive and cutthroat business environment creates a critical need for complete and total discretion. Whether conducting business on the open market or through closed networks, HNWIs demand and expect that total discretion to protect their interests.

The complexity of acquiring high value real estate is only the beginning of the asset’s lifecycle. Luxury properties require a high level of upkeep and maintenance to retain and increase their value.

Those that have attained an elevated level of success highly value their time and turn to distinguished companies that can offer services in the area of high value asset management.

Once such company that specializes in the needs of HNWIs is Glass Casa, an elite firm that delivers  end to end solutions for managing non-financial assets. Glass Casa has built a powerful worldwide network of contacts over its ten years of managing day the day to day operations for luxury residences. During that time, Glass Casa has earned the trust of clients by providing services with the utmost discretion and privacy.

Glass Casa is a full service firm that offers support in locating assets, valuation and negotiations, establishing and completing contracts and necessary legal paperwork, asset maintenance and upkeep and eventual distribution of non-financial assets for high net worth clients.

When time equals money and acquisitions are on the radar, consulting with an outside organization such as Glass Casa, can provide on objective and practical solution to closing a highly complex deal.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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