Luxury office chair displays familiar design cues

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Classic style can stand the test of time and themes and cues can remain relevant today just as when they became trendy. Office furniture is one of those categories where the only limit is the designer’s imagination. Anyone who works behind a desk for more than 5 minutes per day will sing the praises of a quality and comfortable office chair.


Luxury purveyors Lancelot Lancaster White specialize in super premium interior design and decor products and have quite possibly the ultimate office chair for the fan of British motoring.

The official name is The Wave Presidential chair but it has been dubbed the Bentley GT of leather seating. Bentley enthusiasts will instantly recognize the Bentley’esque diamond stitch pattern which is a core design element in Bentley’s for the last several decades. The chair design offers unparalleled comfort and lower back support similar to the seats found in the luxury cars themselves.

A unique 2 tone color scheme compliments the high polished aluminum leather clad armrests and sturdy gas lift base with high quality smooth spin casters. Chair tilt and height are controlled by the precision levers under the chair.


The Wave Presidential chair has been called ‘the epitome of luxury’ and this level of engineering and craftsmanship takes over 6 weeks to complete. Owners can choose from a wide range of colors including Bentley’s own color palette. Available directly from Lancelot Lancaster White.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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