Luxury Parking: The Evolving Trend

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The parking garage at 3900 Alton. 3900Alton

As the world continues to be overpopulated and city centre’s clog up, we all know that parking spaces are increasingly hard to come back and those that have them are prepared to pay a lot to have one. In 2017, cities are vastly space-starved, which has meant that parking has become more and more of a luxury experience. This brings up to automated parking garages. A trend that begun in Asia, robotic parking garages have boomed over recent years are high end earners no longer want to deal with the hassle of finding a space and having to deal with tiresome parking attendants.

So How Do They Work?

Just like a fob for any building entry, these car parks rely on signals that are sent from transponders within cars. Once initiated, the signal will open the doors and allow drivers to position their vehicles onto elevator pallets – essentially like a large forklift. Using electronic sensors to ensure the car is in a stable position and so a baby/pet isn’t left behind, the driver then needs to swipe their programmed card and log their details. Following this, the elevator, powered by top traction batteries, lift or lowers the car and parks it in the neatest available spot in an efficient manner. When the driver needs the car, he or she just swipes the programmed card at the elevator. The system traces the car, raises it and cleverly spins it to face the door and returns it to the owner.

The Advantages

Despite the fact that people are opting for central locations so they are void of needing transportation, the trend doesn’t lend itself to the luxury lifestyle – people want the space and the toys to go with it! Therefore, underground compact parking is the ideal solution. As a whole, they reduce air pollution not to mention their practicality. The cars are allowed to be parked much closer together as they is no need for the opening and closing of doors. Ramps and walkways also become redundant so that less space is needed and more can be utilised for storing vehicles. Simply put, they will save time and effort and are much safer to use.

How People Are Taking This to The Next Level

The high cost of such a system however, means that it is more likely to be found in luxury apartment properties than everyday towns and quiet cities. Take the Porsche Design Tower, in Miami – this is one such property meant for car lovers. Technology has allowed for owners to stay in their cars while they are being parked, letting a robotic arm put the car in the elevator. After they reach their floor, the robotic arm will park the car in the living room, showcasing the cars behind a glass wall.

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