LUXURY TOYBOX: Personal watercraft gets the Mansory treatment

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If you are fan of tuned up super cars or really love the look of carbon fiber, chances are you have heard of Mansory. The German design firm specializes in tricking out already amazing machines with unique engine tuning improvements and dramatic sheet metal designs.


Mansory extends their expertise from the road to the water and applies their design language to personal watercraft and The result is a menacing looking machine with the horsepower to back up its super aggressive looks.

The Black Marlin Jet Ski is based on See Doo’s flagship RXT-X 260 RS model. Mansory changes the body design to give it a more aggressive and ‘Mansoryesque’ stance and wraps the entire machine in beautiful carbon fiber accented with a very aggressive red accents.

Mansory adds its magic to the engine bay as well and swells total horsepower to 550 from the the See Doo’s 260. Yacht to shore times have now been reduced considerably!


Use of carbon fiber for the hull and body panels reduces weight by 10 kilograms. The lighter weight and more powerful engine makes the Black Marlin an ultra high performance watercraft.

Just in time for the season, the Black Marlin from Mansory is the ultimate addition to any luxury toy box. $62,000 and available directly from Mansory.


By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media / Images courtesy Mansory

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