Luxury trends and Conde Nast Traveller

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Conde Nast Traveller is soon to celebrate its 20th Anniversary and its going from strength to strength. Since 2012, the magazine has a new editor on its helm; Melinda Stevens. Her vision of the magazine four years on its quite evident.

Conde Nast Traveller is a unique brand with a unique audience. It is a brand that other brands sharing the same characteristics identify with and want the association with it; from pure travel to household international names all can be found in Traveller.

What makes Conde Nast Traveller the brand that others want to associate with? Every year the magazine carries out its own independent survey on luxury travel and lifestyle, two ingredients that are combined in harmony in each and every page of the publication.

In this year’s Luxury Trend Survey one thing was very evident; Luxury Travel is about unique  experiences, emotions and  pleasures. It is about discovering the unknown; destinations like Iran, Sudan, or on the other hand a lesser known Greek island. The survey shows us that travellers are richer, are prepared to spend more money on their experiences for example up to £20,000 for four people. It is not only about indulging in luxury but luxury can be Culture, a sense of adventure and exploration as well as having an authentic experience these elements still remain key to the perfect travel moment.

Travellers nowadays are prepared to spend up to £11,000 per person in order to do something  extraordinary and special! Travel is all things cutting edge, forward thinking and progressive, from design and architecture, to beauty& health crazes, fashion & innovative ways of shopping. What else are the millennial travellers are looking for –here is a brief list of what is trending in the world of travel and lifestyle:

  • Hipster Healing: Getting fit is no longer about treadmills and sit-ups -it’s all about primitive movements and slow-mo selfies in killer crop tops. Its about cosmology workshops and meditation in the woods.
  • Power Tourists: five  weekends and two short breaks, on top of their other holidays –all totalling 13 trips a year, which means, business travel aside, more than one holiday a month. Where power tourists –plan these trips? On their smart phones
  • Cool Conferences: It used to be that work was work and a holiday was a holiday. Now people are going on holiday, often on  their own, to work. There’s even a horrible word for it: bleisure.
  • Sexy Sustainability: There was a time that eco was all a bit new and half-hearted for example, the effort from hotels to get guests to ‘re-use their towels’ with a small note in the bathroom. But no more! Now the likes of 1Hotels –which have opened in  the last year in Miami and New York –are marrying serious environmental credentials with slick design. It’s green yet glamorous, fun but also fearsomely followed through –right down to the sand-timers in the shower.
  • New Tech: Google’s self-driving car may not have had a flying start. But soon we’ll be riding in a four-by-four which can automatically track elephant and cheetah on safari.
  • Next-Gen Family Holidays” it’s all about shipping the kids to camps to learn how to build their own console games, robots and rockets and programming their own apps.
  • The Rise of the Young Codger” its all about alternative holidays or holidays before associated with the younger generation  now it is the 40 somethings that are going to festivals like Burning Man in Ibiza or the Ace Hotel introducing weaving workshops. The new generation instead of going on three-day benders in a warehouse in Berlin, millennials get their kicks spoon whittling in Dorset, fly fishing in the Catskills or yarn bombing in Marfa–that’s covering objects from national monuments to caravans literally in knitting.
  • Social Media: Back to the Future: We now know 7am is the most popular time to post on Instagram or that Facebook prioritises video content. What travellers are looking for is something more authentic than just refering to their current app. They want to meet or get suggestions from Real People – the locals. For example, For example, Icelandair’s ‘Stopover Buddy’ pairs travellers with a member of the airline during their stopover in Iceland. So you could be eating at the airline’s CEO’s favourite off-radar restaurant.

Travel is evolving to the modern stage that our great grandparents were experiencing it but now it’s all about the right app, the right experience even if it means driving down the most dangerous road in the world, is keeping kids happy with the right techie holiday, and above all discovering a new ‘old fogie’ activity.

By Tatiana Rokou Courtesy Travel Daily News

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