Make Your Living Room Look Splendid by Choosing the Right Luxurious Curtain or Drapery

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Different fabrics and materials turn curtains and drapery into art. You don’t have to restrain yourself from having the windows you want, just pick the right luxurious covering and enjoy the view. Your room will gain character with carefully chosen colours, express its elegance through the texture and come to life when it is all incorporated into the décor. In addition to aesthetic, luxurious curtains and drapery serve a protective purpose intended to shut the world out and give you privacy. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right ones and maybe some of this advice will help you in that endeavor.

Pay attention to the window size

Window size plays the key role in deciding whether to use curtains or drapery. If you have a top to bottom windows, covering them up with heavy materials will only negate their purpose. Long, white and almost see-through curtains made of silk will brighten up the room and open up space, giving it purity and luxury of design.

Small windows are much better with shades since standard curtains and drapery would only obscure it from the view. There is a nice choice of woven shades, which filter the light and can be perfect for smaller decorative windows.

Incorporate it in the décor

If you want to create an elegant setting, you have to be very careful how the shading will blend in with the décor. Desk by the window is perfect to show off classiness and lavishness with drapery made of rich material and perfectly in tune with the wooden furniture.

This year’s trend introduced flowery textures on draperies, which are the great choice if you want to create the rich natural design. Even the double curtain can add class to your elegant custom-made coffee table by the tall and narrow window. These curtains more serve the décor than its real purpose, and using heavy fabrics and picturesque texture will prettify the room.

Add flair with colour

All the luxury can very quickly become boring if you don’t enrich it with some distinguishable pieces. This rule also applies to the curtains and drapery as it does to the overall interior design.

Using a flamboyant tone, like fuchsia, in the neutrally coloured décor will bring out playfulness while being stylish at the same time. On the other hand, darker drapery will shape your room into the dramatic and cosy ambience.

Darker tones can even include black although many designers advice caution with such a bold move. Colours like black, burgundy and emerald require heavier materials like velvet, as well as precise décor so it wouldn’t clash with the rest of the palettes of the room.

Custom-made curtains and drapery

Create a room that will tell a story about you to your visitors in the luxurious language of carefully picked decorations. The best way to make sure you picked the right curtains and drapery is if you custom order them from the vendor who can appreciate your desires and understand your wishes.

For example, if you have a cabin where you like to spend winters with friends skiing and enjoying your newly built Swedish bath, choose a Blue Mountains’ based company for the custom made drapery. Local vendors will better understand the significance of pairing up a beautiful view with crafted curtains than anyone else who didn’t enjoy the same beauty.

All in all

Luxury comes in many forms and styles, and if not planned carefully it can quickly become kitsch. Every interior design trend has its luxurious side, which comes from texture, colour or fabric. Instead of being shy, embrace your taste and discover your extravagant and lavish choice of comfort.

By David Koller Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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