Manifesto of Light Brings Aromatic Heaven to Earth

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When Australian ultra-natural perfumer Clive Newland, made his muse a decadent rose cream, it was only intended as a private gesture of deep love. However, seventeen years later, the aromatic luxury of Gorgeous Over Thirty Bunches Of Real Roses In A Jar Double Blended Cream ® can no longer be kept secret, and has just launched to a discerning clientele.

Hand blended in small batches by the perfumer himself, this rich cream is for individuals who embrace their beauty, who have liberated their bodies and who love to luxuriate in their own sense of private pleasure. The generous 100 ml black jar is etched by the family company which for four generations, have engraved the coveted Melbourne Cup. This is one jar you may want to keep.

Manifesto of Light Brings Aromatic Heaven to Earth
Manifesto of Light Rose Cream

With access to simply the world’s finest rose absolutes, Newland has gone one step further and also released from his own private aromatic stable, Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle Double Blended Serum ®. One potent application literally shifts the frequency of the body, creating an irresistible magnetic force field, and is the only product Newland has used on his skin for almost two decades. Roses of this complexity on a man are extraordinary, and the aromatic notes take on a deeper, more sultry nuance. However, women too to find its potency elevating, and a daily application becomes a ritual not to be missed.

Unadulterated rose absolutes of this quality are oxygenating, and literally light up the body from the inside out. This is Nature’s genius at its very best, handled with extreme care and sensitive appreciation.

Manifesto of Light Brings Aromatic Heaven to Earth
Manifesto of Light Rose Serum

When used together, this exquisite duo eliminates the need for anything else. Bodies acclimatise to a new level of Natural, and other products seem unnecessary. Of course when the whim arises, lovers of this rosy luxury may anoint their whole body and that of their lover with a generosity of spirit so divine the heavens will smile. Uncomplicated limited edition luxury at its uncompromising best.

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By Deirdre Light Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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