SPECIAL FEATURE: Most Lucrative Skills To Learn in 2018

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In a competitive business environment, you need to do all you can to stand out. While plenty of people will cite their skills in terms of things like teamwork and reliability, managers need something a bit more impressive. They can’t just depend on good personality traits that are easy to claim. More tangibles talents are going to be given greater consideration. Here are some incredibly valuable skills you should definitely learn for 2018.

Social Media Management

If you’re taking part in modern society, you should definitely have at least a rudimentary understanding of social media. Websites like Facebook and Linkedin are essential for professional to communicate with clients and one another. You need to know how to make the most of their tools in order to help out your business.

Running social media for a business is different than running it for a personal account. With a personal account, you don’t have to be as consistent about what you post or when. However, business accounts need to be maintained. They require quality posts on a regular basis. An understanding of analytics that looks at your audience demographics is essential as well.


Have you ever Googled something and wondered about why it pulled up the results that it did? There’s a lot that goes behind the order of search engine results, but one of the biggest is search engine optimization or SEO.

There are all kinds of resources available to help you learn the nuances of SEO. These tools will help you be able to give your business a competitive edge. By using the proper keywords in your content, you can stand out for people researching your topic. From there, it’s also your responsibility to make sure that your content is quality and inspires people to keep coming back to you.

App Design

Take a look at your smartphone and just marvel and how many apps there are that make your life easier. You probably take them for granted and this point. However, you probably wouldn’t if you ever took the time to design one for yourself. Are you scoffing at that idea, thinking that designing apps requires a rocket science-like understanding? That’s completely untrue.

You can learn how to design apps just like anyone else. IOS programing bootcamps will teach you all about the ins and outs of app design. If you want to demonstrate to a company how much you can provide them, an app is a perfect way to do it.


Blogging certainly isn’t a new concept in terms of impressive skills. Just about anyone could start a blog if they wanted to. However, running a successful blog is a whole different thing. In order for someone to be skilled at blogging, they need to have a great understanding of what makes for good blog content.

Blogs should be articulate and structured well. They need to make their points in a fairly succinct manner, but they also need to have a depth to them. For a business, there needs to be a balance between professionalism and friendliness. You want your audience to take you seriously but also not feel like there’s such a dry, academic approach that they’re not able to read more than a couple lines without yawning. Make sure that you read blogs dealing with a variety of topics, from cooking to sports to business to understanding how well blogs can communicate vital information. You should also find a consistent voice to use. You want your audience to feel the human behind the posts.

Having these skills at your disposal will make a great difference for your 2018. In the new year, you need to do all you can to show how exceptional you are. Hiring managers won’t just take you at your word for it. By having these skills, you can show them just how much you’ll have to offer.

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