Must Have Additions for Luxury Real Estate

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“The Measure of Extravagance”

Owning luxury real estate is all about the lifestyle that encompasses it. After all, if you possess an extraordinary measure of financial wealth, it seems reasonable to think that your expectations are not ordinary in nature, but rather, you have the aspiration of targeting things of priceless worth. The ambition to create and relish your own private world of decadence and self-indulgence, with no monetary boundaries defines luxury ownership, settling for nothing than the finest in life.

The price tag on a home does not necessarily distinguish the status of luxury real estate. The designation of a luxury home includes, its location, architecture, the property entry, it’s decedent amenities and decor, the capability of entertainment, the grounds and landscape, and many other factors that set it apart from and make it stand out from commonplace homes. What are these valued embellishments that are highly esteemed in the luxury real estate market today?

“Technology for the Luxurious Lifestyle”

Technology means accessibility and convenience, and convenience defines the ultimate luxury. Whether it is for your private yacht or your home, luxurious technology is right at your fingertips. says that sophisticated technological amenities add convenience with a touch of classy refinement. These lavish options include, a 201” Porsche outdoor television, IMAX private theater, motorized blackout shades for the master bedroom, seura mirror television. For those who appreciate music, the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D speakers make a fine choice. In addition, a digital Mosaic backsplash in the kitchen could transform into, a television, a baby monitor, or even an internet browser.

“Architectural Collectible Works of Art”

To the wealthy class, acquiring a luxurious trophy piece within the home building of real estate properties, is ultimately the greatest collectible and treasure, with collectible design concepts being interwoven right within the home’s plans. With limited edition architectural structures and one of a kind original creations built by designers and architects, discerning affluent buyers see acquisitions of these trophy homes as an opportunity to become a resident of an artistic living piece of art and history.

“Five Star Hotel Opulence at Home- Going Green”

According to the “Luxury Home Digest”, Forbes magazine highlighted features that topped the list for luxury real estate. One important aspect was the significance of the home’s upgraded amenities to be green. On the top of the list, was a spa bathroom opulently designed using custom shower panels, towel-warming drawers, saunas, and a radiant heated floor. Forbes magazine continued its list, with a computer controlled system to monitor the sensor control panels throughout the home, flexible space using a wall of glass doors that shifts aside to bring the outdoors inside, use of an outdoor kitchen, and a wine storage and tasting room complete with adjustable temperature and humidity controls.

“The Prestigious Garage Showroom”

For the prosperous class, a garage is much more than a mere storage place to hold possessions. It becomes an exquisitely inventive showroom designed to display your passion, collectible cars. For entertainers and automobile collectors, an expansive motor court offers to support sufficient parking for several vehicles and hosting events. For those who consider themselves to be super-car owners, extremely passionate about their dream cars, Decoist states that using today’s state of the art technology, utilizing an elevator system, ensures that your prized luxury car will be protected, safely watched over, and viewed right within the confines of your luxury penthouse.

“Your Perfect Luxurious Haven”

Whether you pursue that killer view and privacy for your property with a resort style-pool and sports court, desire a home theater, with an entertainment center, yearn for your own personal spa, or just crave everything suited with high technology, the primary component of living a luxurious lifestyle is selecting quality over quantity in everything. To quote Aristotle, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Striving for a standard of extraordinary equals a higher quality of life.

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