NEW YEARS EVE: The best man caves for entertaining

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At home parties are the latest trend among affluent circles and home owners are sparing no expense at creating opulent and engaging entertaining areas and ‘man caves’. Designers are utilizing the latest trends and technology when mapping out rooms and owners can easily infuse designs with their own sense of style. We found these ultimate man caves that will turn your next New Year’s Even get together into a 5 star event:

The rebirth of cool

Located in Glenview IL, this old school styled man cave brings the class and elegance we saw back in the Rat Pack days. Fine leather furniture is classically designed and brings a certain cool to the atmosphere. We raise a high ball when our team scores in this room. Image courtesy Redfin.


The Dark Knight needs to relax

One passionate Batman fan in New Jersey is having his own Batcave installed in his home. The $2 million plus project stays true to the Batman theme with unique interior design resembling Wayne Manor in the most recent Batman films. The centerpiece is the 180 degree screen where I assume the owner will fight crime from. Accessories include a Batcomputer, Batman cape and cowl, Tumbler vehicle and secret elevator so only the Dark Knight can access ESPN. Images courtesy Elite HTS.


You want to strike out here

Having your own bowling alley can be considered the ultimate in homeowner bragging rights. How about 2 lames complete with alley specific ball return system. The home in Moorestown New Jersey boasts not one, but 2 bowling alley lanes. Screens are positioned throughout making sure you never miss a strike when you are trying to strikeout yourself. Image courtesy Redfin.


By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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