Oscar party checklist: Nominations list – check, hors d’oeuvres – check, political beliefs – check

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Without a doubt, the award show has become the trendy platform for those in the entertainment biz to express their political views. Remember the day when celebs would quickly mentioned the plight of Afghani orphans after thanking their producer’s cousin?

Recent events, (yes we’re talking about The Donald) have caused that political message to grow into a full blown rant completely overtaking the precious limited time winners have at the podium. We thought the whole point of awards shows were to be whisked away into a fairy tale world of red carpets and well stocked green rooms!

The biggest of them ail happens February 26th and it will be interesting to see if the powers that be at The Academy reign in the ‘political jabber’ or allow a total anti-Trump free for all.

Don’t worry, you won’t get a political message here. We’re old school this year focusing on the two most important parts of The Oscars, fashion and Oscar parties.

Luxury brands look at the The Oscars red carpet walk as the Kentucky Derby of luxury fashion. The red carpet walk has been known to out rate the main awards show and this year’s heavy political overtones may result in a tune out right after the last celeb clears the carpet.

This year, fashion houses are expected to unleash a barrage of over the top styles and designs that are sure to match the rhetoric that will be dispensed on stage. We hope all the sparkly bling will be enough of a distraction!

Awards season is a good reason for us mere mortals  to brush up on our fashion sense so we asked our good friend and awards show professional, EllieB for her best advice to get that ‘red carpet look’:

“Always, always where at least a half-size shoe larger, and wear your hair up; otherwise, you will be hobbling like an old lady and look like a melted crayon by the end of the red carpet. If you don’t have people assisting with you with your gown, the MacGyver trick to zipping the back up: fishing wire and a shoelace. And, finally, it takes well over two hours to get through the jam-packed paparazzi red carpet.. keep poker face at all times while hundreds of flashes blast non-stop. Otherwise, the one photo that ends up in People magazine is the one where you look like Lucille Ball when she drank Vitameatvegiman.” – EllieB

A confident saunter into any room will always make a statement!

Aside from the Super Bowl, The Oscars are the next best reason to throw a party and luxury home entertaining trends point to more glitz and glamour on the home front.

Home decor specialist, The Rug Seller, created this interesting infographic with excellent ideas for hosting your own Oscars Gala. Who says you can’t wear a tuxedo around the house?

The Oscars are telecast on ABC on February 26th at 7pm EST.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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