Our top picks from 86th Geneva International Motor Show

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Super luxury car brands hold their most luxurious debuts for Geneva. Maybe it’s the neutrality of Switzerland or the fact that it is so centrally located, or perhaps its the UHNWI’s that stroll the displays looking for their latest ‘acquisition’. Geneva is usually home to the most opulent models debuts and car makers did not hold back for 2016.

Our picks from the show represent important models for their respective manufacturers. While all models are important, these cars represent category changing dynamics for the market.

A McLaren with room to spare?

McLaren isn’t known for their ‘touring cars’. This company’s ‘other’ business is building racing engines and that technology speaks in volumes in McLaren’s current lineup of high performance machines. The 570GT premiered in Geneva and while it looks like a McLaren, there is this curious compartment in the rear known as a trunk.


It still only has 2 seats but consider this a GT car with a larger, more comfortable cabin appointed and 220 liter “Touring Deck” that provides ‘decent’ luggage space for a quick weekend getaway. And when we say quick, we mean super fast. After all, this is still a McLaren and road trips are just that much more fund with a 526 horsepower, twin turbo engine, track ready suspension and lots of carbon fiber.

Bentley reaches new heights, literally.

Bentley has been teasing gear heads for years with a ‘Bentley SUV’. That first concept that appeared in 2012 did not receive the accolades a brand like Bentley would have hoped for. We’ll chalk it up to litmus test to see how far the heritage brand can push the envelope. Luckily, it wasn’t too far and Bentley released the first images of the very Bentley’esque Bentayga super luxury SUV.


The uber lucrative SUV market was populated with mid-range and premium SUVs but the super luxury brands were missing. Bentley is the first to market with the very opulent and fully customizable Bentayga.

Bentley launched the car publicly recently in Geneva and will roll it out as a 2017 model. Currently the first run is completely sold out but Bentley hopes to achieve 6000 cars plus per year which is about more than 50 percent of their total output in 2013.

Can super luxury go mainstream? The Bentayga would be the car to do it even it is priced at over $400,000.

Pure Porsche

The iconic 911 goes hyper with the brand new 911 R model. To truly understand what this means, some background is in order. There is an ongoing debate as to if a turbo Porsche is equal to a non-turbo Porsche. Many enthusiasts believe that normally aspirated Porsche’s are the only way to really experience the unbiased performance and road manners this car has to offer. If that car didn’t exist before, it does now.


The 911 R produces a massive 500 horsepower without the use of turbos or blowers. Just gas and air mixed the best way to produce explosive performance with no turbo lag. Every RPM is used to its limit to churn out track ready performance. 50 kilograms lighter than its GT3 R cousin elevates its performance to supercar status.

Porsche has never lost its luster as a high performance sports car but everyone knows you are are only as good as your last 0-60 time and the competition isn’t slowing down. Porsche has reassured its dominance as the ultimate sports car with the 911 R.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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